Beware! Your non-stick cookware can cause diabetes!

Scientists have revealed that there is an association between high levels of perfluorinated compounds present in the non-stick cookware and diabetes. This latest study was held by the research team of Uppsala University who said that these compounds that are usually used for the non-stick coat of the cookware are generally environmental toxins. This means, that it can cause high blood glucose condition called as the
diabetes when huge amounts of this perfluorinated compounds are present in their body.

The research group of Uppsala University also said that there were previous studies that showed the link between huge amounts of environmental toxins, diabetes and phthalates. The researchers’ team also investigated further that whether the elevated levels of perfluorinated compounds, which are another form of these environmental toxins, can trigger this serious medical condition called as diabetes.

Normally, perfluorinated compounds are widely used in a large scale in an array of products that are industrial and consumer goods. This can vary from fire fighting foam, grease, water repellent materials called as the ski wax, Gore Tex, food contact materials and nonstick cookware. This study was conducted in a group of over 1000 participants that featured elderly people – males and females, who were about 70 years of age. The study measured 7 different types of perfluorinated compounds that were present in their blood and it also investigated whether they had the risk of getting diabetes (114 people) or not, as they wanted to know the association between the presence of perfluorinated compounds in their body and their chances of getting diabetes.

The study results revealed that all these seven perfluorinated compounds were detectable in all participants of the study. Monica Lind, Associate Professor, Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Uppsala University said they detected high levels of one of the perfluorinated compounds, which was PFNA or Perfluoronanoic acid, was linked to diabetes. She also said that Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA was also associated with diabetes as it has a relation to the disrupted insulin secretion of pancreas.

This study is also a part of PIVUS study at Uppsala University.

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