Bind your partner tightly with a ‘supportive emotional bond’

Why do we enter into a relationship with someone? Why do we get married? This is purely to have a partner who is supportive and can handle your traumas and tribulations by uplifting your low down trodden mood swings. Its in the tough life situations that one realizes the meaning of a compassionate and accommodating partner.

Modern life and duress filled office environments takes their toll and people have to face depressive and stressful times. This is the moment that talking out the heart to a sympathetic partner helps one tide over the bad times. So isn’t it time to go affectionate and compassionate towards your fagged out spouse, read on for some “teeny weenie” helpful tips:

Tend to the basic needs

Your partner walks in lugging a bagful of stress from. Drop all jobs and rush with a warm cup of coffee and a big hug. An emotionally upset partner needs to be treaded on very carefully. Praise him for his qualities without being too onvious and raise his self-esteem. This is really important in a crisis situation.

Talk to the partner

Talk to your stressed out mate and try to get the confessions of the problem out. Find out the right way your partner demands support and let him lay down his expectations from you. But be careful if your partner needs space, at times like this the hug works a miracle. Try to remind your partner of his past achievements so that his self esteem might perk up a bit.

Render emotional support

There are some partners who respond to hugs and others respond to other emotional methods like a verbal support. Staying with your partner for a while will explain the right way to deal with him. But if nothing works it’s a hug that can turn around your partner’s life. Go ahead and get expressive. Sometimes distractions also help pull off the tensions from your partners shoulders. Plan a vacation or a short trip to an exotic place. Leave the expenses aside a reasonable holiday can surely be planned.

Positive outlook

It’s your duty to instill a ray of hope in all situations and infuse a situation laden with positivity for your partner. Relate him the past happenings that had bought happiness into your lives. Bad times often pass soon enough, make sure your partner is assured of this.

This will bind both the partners tightly with a strong emotional bond. You have committed to yourself to your partner for good times and bad. Get a better understanding of each other’s needs and keep all communication channels open. Bind each other permanently for life time and see how the trials and tribulations are a thing of the past.

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