Exercise regularly to regain muscle mass in middle age- study

There are several known health benefits of regular exercise. Here is another reason why you must exercise regularly. The recent study states that performing regular exercises during the mid-age period would help you to prevent conditions like Sarcopenia as it helps in promoting the
muscle strength and endures your physical performance.

This condition is called as a Sarcopenia is a process of ageing that might lead to loss of muscle mass, deteriorates the strength of the muscle, affects the muscle strength and its functions when people get older. Other health conditions that the elderly might experience are physical disability, premature death and low quality of life.

The investigators of Tokyo University conducted a cross sectional study which determined the prevalence of this condition, Sarcopenia and its link with regular exercise. The Research on Osteoarthritis or Osteoporosis Against Disability (ROAD) study was carried with 1000 Japanese aged people who participated in the study. The researchers recorded information about the hand grip strength, skeletal muscle mass, gait speed, habits of exercise among the elderly during their middle age etc.

The results of the study show that those elderly people who had the habit of regular exercise during their middle age have lesser chances of getting Sarcopenia as they get older. The study revealed that about 13.8% of the males and 12.4% of females had Sarcopenia while they aged. The study concluded that this condition of Sarcopenia was very prevalent among both the sexes and was higher among those who did not have a workout routine.

The analysis by the Japanese researchers also stated that having the habit of daily exercising in the mid age had an influence in lowering the prevalence of Sarcopenia among the participants. The study also showed that the grip strength, standing time in one leg, gait speed and other factors varied among the participants based on the BMI, age and sex.

The results of the study were presented at the IOF Regionals 4th Asia Pacific Osteoporosis meeting that was conducted at Hong Kong. Exactly, 349 men and 651 women were the participants in the study that analyzed the link between Sarcopenia and workout habits.

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