Quit-smoking gums not bad for your heart: study

Good news for all those people out there who are trying to quit smoking! Recent study states that replacement gums and other
smoking cessation products that contain nicotine and are prescribed to those who wish to kick off smoking are not dangerous to the heart. These days people are highly aware that smoking tobacco based cigars can be fatal, and that the risk of death can be minimize using quit-smoking products. As per the US CDC data, nearly 70% of smokers want to quit smoking.

Nicotine replacement therapy through nicotine gums, patch, quit-smoking drugs like chantix or antidepressants like buproprion can help reduce the cravings to smoke and handle the withdrawal symptoms much effectively. Many had raised their concerns regarding the safety of these quit smoking patches, gums and drugs as they questioned the risks that were cardiovascular in nature while using them. However, the research states that there are very low risks associated with these drugs to cause a stroke or heart attack.

About the study
This analysis is the largest of its kind as the authors of the study conducted a research that surveyed 63 trials that had 30,500 participants who were smokers. This study is one of its kind as it compared all the three smoking cessation methods while other studies just found out the safety and efficiency of a single quit smoking drug.

This study was conducted on gums, patches and antidepressant drugs, which found that none of them raised or triggered the risk of cardiovascular conditions. The study results showed that those who took antidepressants such as Chantix, wellbutrin and zyban had very low risk of a heart issue while those on a nicotine patch or gum had a slight risk of a rapid heartbeat or irregular heartbeat, but did not trigger serious heart events.

The study also revealed that the smoking cessation improved the cardiovascular health, enhanced the life expectancy, offered a high quality of life and lowered health care costs for those medical conditions associated with smoking.

Edward Mills, Co-author of the study, Associate Professor, Medicine, Stanford University and Canada research Chair, University of Ottawa said that the benefits of staying away from smoking outweighs the risks arising out of quit smoking therapies.

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