Shattered emotions? Get over the break up with dignity

Heartbroken at being dumped? We understand that it’s an atmosphere of dejection and sadness that is enveloping you into a vortex but you have to heal yourself and survive the odds. Generally we have no idea how to go about it and end up looking stupid; all we have to do is present the other with a new “you” so that you look to the others as a person with dignity. So read on ahead and hold your head high as you walk on gracefully without highlighting your shattered heart.

We know that it seems to be the end of the world as you sit gathering your devastated and strewn emotions, but trust us, it is possible, you can survive a break up with head held high. Read on for a few tips:

Cry away

Don’t ever bottle your emotions away, have a good cry alone or with your best friend and let the emotion out. Trust us it will make you stronger and able to walk through the turbulent times gracefully. You can obsess over every little thing that you did before you were dumped and let your mind digest this. Put it behind you and get up on your feet. Remember, happiness is beckoning you, just stretch out your arm and grasp it.

Put away the sad song playlist

Get peppy my friends; it’s time to remove the sad dongs from your playlist. You have taken the time to remember the past now is the time to take over the situation and look ahead. Take a night out with you gang, listen to loud booming music, watch a comic movie, laugh your heart out, you deserve better remember that.

Even good reading can help you out, grab a book by your favorite author and flush the blues away. Promise to do this as this will help you sever the ties from your “ex”, go for some “self cleanse programs” and let all contact with your ex go into the dustbin. Let him realize your worth by staying away from a while.

Hit the shack

Try to grab some sleep inducing foods and drinks so that you can spend some extra moments encased in your warm cozy bed for comfort. Melatonin, the natural supplement, can also be taken to give the agitated mind a rest. The rest will halt the over thinking.

Take up an interesting activity

Its time to focus the attention and the energies elsewhere. Pick up your favorite hobby or take up a job and shove aside what is bothering you. Activities like yoga , meditation or community service are the greatest stress buster. Getting a little adventurous will help you shake off those agonizing memories or just spend some quality time reconnecting with family and friends.

Positive reinforcement

Pamper yourself, because you are the best. You deserve better and that is why your “ex” has been pushed out of your life. Get into the role of looking fabulous and show your neglected body some tender loving care. Believe in your self have faith you are a wonderful person leave the cynicism alone!

Some general suggestions

Scream away loudly in your car as you drive away alone. Yell, rant , rave bellow go ahead and let the emotions out.

Never let your “ex” see you crumble, hug him back and wish a “ta-ta” in style. Leave the “ex” with pride in your attitude. You can cry it out later.

Set aside the gifts you received. All reminders of the relationship need to be packed away. No need to burn them, pack them up you may want need something out of the packet in future.
But one thing the letters and the emails with the lovelorn messages need to work their way into the bin or if you feel like pack them off to a friend’s place till you recover.

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