5 Best exercises to have a healthy heart

To have a healthy heart, experts would recommend some form of physical activity for about 75 minutes to 150 minutes every week. You can make sure that this period is utilized to its fullest extent by choosing the best types of exercises from the rest.

You can choose the best cardiovascular exercises to improve your heart health from the options discussed below:

1. Brisk Walking
Walking is one among the best and safest ways to live longer with a healthy heart. Put on your walking shoes, strap up an iPod and hit the road or the treadmill at home. You can walk at a leisure pace, at an intense pace or at medium pace without overdoing it. Walking is the most advised form of cardiovascular fitness.

2. Running
Running is yet another activity for heart as it can help you torch over 100 calories every mile. If you are a beginner, try to run for 2 minutes in between 5 minutes of walking. You can increase it as you get more trained.

3. Swimming
Swimming is highly helpful for your heart as it can increase the heart rate and also enhance the wellness of heart. This is a safe option for those who have joint issues.

4. Circuit Training
If you are bored of the aerobic exercise that you have been performing for some time, indulge in circuit training. Try cardio for 3 minutes, and include 1 minute of strength training in it to keep pace with your heart beat. This type of training will motivate you and help you lose a good amount of weight.

5. Different yoga types

Ashtanga Yoga
This power yoga session is highly beneficial who wish to have a healthy heart. This is similar to aerobic workouts as it would require you to change your postures from time to time.

Bikram Yoga
This yoga session is usually performed in a class that has a high temperature of 37 degree Celsius as the heat would make your heart to beat twice faster. This hot yoga sessions are popular these days as it can make you more flexible and can help in flushing out the toxins in an effective way.

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