Hate starving to lose weight? 5 best ways to keep calories controlled in a healthy way

Longing to shake off those clinging calories? Have you tried those innumerable fad diets and diet plans to stop the feelings of starvation and deprivation? Sometimes our agony filled dieting days end up being useless as we regain the weight that we have lost, so can we skip the “diet” bit and still lose the cellulite. Let’s discuss a few nips in our daily lifestyle that can help us just taper off about 500 calories from our daily routine:

Breakfast is a must

All we have to do is to introduce a few invigorating exercise steps and eat the right way. Make sure you never skip breakfast. Remember by skipping breakfast you are not reducing calories but actually attack the food with a vengeance throughout the day. People who eat breakfast generally show a lower BMI than the ones who skip the morning grub. Ideal is to have a fruit laden whole grain cereal made out of toned milk.

Leave the late night munching out

If you can’t resist that watering mouth make sure you bolt your kitchen door at night.. If you have an “after dinner sweet tooth” grab a low fat frozen yogurt or a small hard candy. The after taste of toothpaste stops one from relishing a food delight so why not brush your teeth immediately after a meal.

Canned juices and soft drinks, are a no!

Stay away from the sweetened cold drinks and the yummy canned juices they are loaded on calories, its better to sip on a sparkly glass of cold water instead. Make a low calories veggie-fruity juice at home, its healthy and sugar free. Another drink to stay away from is alcohol, it adds empty calories to your frame.

Start the meal with a veggie salad

Add loads of colorful vegetables and fruits to your salad bowl and try to gorge on it before your meal. This will keep the hunger tapered and in control before you start to pile in the carbohydrates. A healthy broth soup will also act as filler and can keep the hunger pangs satiated.

Whole grain gets the thumbs up

Make sure that you keep the refined flour to a minimum and take the whole grain meal instead. Whole grains are rich in fiber and helps in keeping the food portions reasonable.

Keep the calories down by eating healthier options of food and before heading out for a party, eat a healthy snack so that you keep the portion reduced. Another way to control the portion is to eat food in a small plate. Make sure you walk instead of taking the cab. Pace as you yap away to your friend on the phone. A low protein snack added to your meal will provide the required energy and also help in trimming the sides. Small meals taken frequently keep the blood sugar levels balanced.

Edited by: Neelam Goswami on 30/1/2014.

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