Pop in a spoonful of golden honey to grab health benefits

Want to be healthy? Pop a spoonful of the golden syrupy honey into your mouth. This sweet brown liquid that is produced by nature through the multiple efforts of the honey bees feeding on the nectar, has its name registered even in traditional medicine. So read on some valuable “Honey-health” benefits:

Antiseptic and antibacterial honey

We grow up hearing the umpteen benefits of the golden syrup- its honey for the hair, honey for a glowing skin, honey cinnamon to reduce weight, honey to get rid of acne and so many more honey claims, most of them being true. Stocked up on monosaccharides, glucose and fructose, honey is known to possess some antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Thus honey may be one of the best things for chronic wound management.

Honey provides strength

A perfect source of carbohydrates, honey has great nutritional benefits. It provides energy and strength to the body. Need that pep up when you are exhausted, a spoonful of honey is the right answer!

The body’s performance can be boosted instantly on taking some honey and this is a great nutritional supplement for keeping the muscular fatigue of the athletes under control by increasing the endurance of the body. The blood sugar levels in the blood can be kept constant by taking in this golden colored syrup.

Remember that you should take a spoonful of honey to run that extra mile on the treadmill!

Honey refreshes and helps in reduce weight

Honey added to lukewarm water with lemon, taken first thing in the morning, helps in the reduction of weight. Leave the energy drinks alone and just pick up a honey drink and see the lethargy wish you a good bye. Honey spread all over the crunchy toast or taken with cornflakes and milk, tastes gorgeous and is also very refreshing.

Cure a sore throat

Is your throat raspy and scratchy? Just add a little turmeric, lemon drops to a spoonful of honey, heat it mildly, and pop it into your mouth to soothe your throat. Honey helps in killing the bacteria that are responsible for causing the throat infection.

Curing of wounds

Honey is a great antiseptic and helps to keep the wounds free from infection and hygienically clean. It has often been used for its anti-inflammatory properties and is ideal to treat burns, wounds and cuts.

Honey is often added to face packs and facials to give that glowing and luminescent sheen to dull skin. It has also been known to chase away the nagging pimples and acne.