Relationship woes? Working couples work for effective communication

Love your partner crazy but lack the ability of getting the “love-message” across? This is a hassle that most people face especially the people who slog it out in offices. Time constraints and lack of proper communication skills leave a person handicapped and unable to respond in an intimate relationship.

Sharpen the communication skills

A respectful and loving relationship is the result of effective communication. It helps the partners wallow in a deeply satisfying intimate relationship as they have plenty to share. Lack of time and a stressful working life because of aggressive career moves, reduces the amount of time the people spend with each other.

The only way out is to be honest, positive and open in communication. Problems can be easily resolved and arguments sorted out if a couple is ready to talk to each other calmly. Bickering and arguing over a point is not the answer, one of the partners in the relationship needs to set aside the ego and back out from the fights.

Be a good listener

Ideal communication is to learn the art of talking and listening both. It is impossible for both the partners to talk at the same time, one of them has to take a back seat. The talking has to be mutual as one partner passing across the views all the time is also a big negative for the relationship. Heard about the famous saying “Lend me your ears”, learn how to do the same for your partner. Go ahead add a little emotion into the relationship and show how much your partner’s feelings matter to you.

It doesn’t come right straight away, it may take a while, but practice makes a man perfect. Discuss your daily routine and incidents that take place at your workplace, this will prompt communication between the couple.

Be honest in the relation

Honesty is the most important factor in the relationship. Express your innermost feelings with honesty and a clear heart , this will help in the expression of feelings and thoughts. Blurting out truth is very important and will help a couple lead an uncomplicated and simple life.

Keep the communication point straight and simple

Have you ever noticed that a normal conversation ends up as a major confrontation issue with a huge dollop of confrontation added to the communication? Hold your temper and focus on the main reason of the communication. Listen carefully and respect the other person’s viewpoint.
Don’t make your person feel inferior or disrespected

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