Splash some home remedies to chase the winter dryness away

Do you feel your skin goes all pulled away and stretched in winters? Well, surely you have a dry skin problem in the winter season. Now you don’t have to rush away to the medical stores for some winter cosmetics, just head out to your kitchen and get some home remedies for treating your dry skin or else just pick the strong moisturizers lying on your dressing table. It’s time for “extra” moisturization, my friends:

Avoid cosmetics with alcoholic content

The makeup products containing alcoholic content dry the skin further. Even the hair styling and the beauty products with a heavy alcohol content need to be avoided in winters. Keep the body covered with clothes at all times as the cold air exposure dries up the skin.

Treat the dry skin with diet

Balanced diet with lots of fluids is the answer for keeping the skin hydrated. If the skin stays hydrated then one can be saved from chapped and irritated dry skin. Fresh fruits and lots of fresh fruits in your daily diet is ideal for a good healthy skin. Make sure you include Vitamin E and Vitamin A rich foods in your everyday meal for that glowing complexion.

Avoid very hot water

Avoid very hot water in your bath also do not soak yourself in the bath over a long period of time. Hot water dries you skin and can leave it very dry and raspy. Add about 2 Tbsp olive oil to your warm water bath and use this water to get rid of the dryness. The moisture can be replaced by using petroleum jelly liberally on the legs, hands, face and lips. For the lips one can also use a good lip scrub before applying the petroleum jelly.

Use valuable kitchen ingredients as a moisturizer

Splash on plenty of natural moisturizers to keep the winter blues away, don’t worry your kitchen is loaded with these, just peer carefully. The oils, the butter, the glycerin all are the answer to a parched skin. Grab that fresh avocado and make a pulp out of it and use it as a face pack for about 15 minutes. This Vitamin E rich fruit is magic for the parched skin. For an extra dry skin, some honey added to the avocado paste gives a beautiful skin texture in winters.

You can also mash a banana, along with some papaya and apply this paste on the skin to cure the dryness.

A mixture made of lemon juice, glycerin and rose water, helps seal the moisture in the dry skin.

Almond oil along with some milk powder applied on the skin moisturizes it, shoving the dryness away!

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