Stay away from the dreaded alcohol addiction!

Love that drink nursed in your hand? Do you relish that “loosening” kick after the drink swallows? Wait a minute, take a view, are you addicted to alcohol my friends?

Fashion or need, overdosing on this nervous system, drug or alcoholic drinks on a regular basis may result in loss of control, nausea, deadly hangovers, dizziness and the worst- an addiction. Over-consumption of alcohol may bluff up health and can have dreadful side effects on the body.

Influence of alcohol

The brain ability and emotional function of the human being is influenced by alcoholic drinks. Alcohol raises the blood alcohol levels and one is unable to experience pain. Thus a splurge on the bottle may force one to ignore injuries and medical problems. Overindulgence results in perplexity, embarrassing behaviour, animated talking, memory loss, dependency. In worse cases, people have shown brain haemorrhages after drinking bouts.

This is not the end; one also starts getting prone to infections, loss in the haemoglobin levels, and the immune system gets compromised. Prolonged drinking leads to a fall in the white and red blood cell count and the bone anatomy gets weakened. Addiction to the dreaded alcohol weakens the body muscles and results in a sluggish heart causing a medical condition called cardiomyopathy.

The body hormone productions lessen and one is exposed to allergies and infections. Experts also associate infertility, lack of concentration, with excess alcohol consumption. In extreme cases, detrimental medical conditions like liver failure, stroke, kidney failure, stomach disorders, and testes atrophy can also occur.

Alcohol and the nervous system

The absorption of alcohol in the blood stream has a damaging affect on the nervous system. Over indulgence results in the complete body functions to go haywire so it’s best to consume alcohol in restricted quantities. More of it is a “No-No”. The problem is that treading on the alcohol path is slippery. Though, moderate drinking has been recognized to have a few health benefits but alcohol is very tough to keep within limits. The best is to abstain from drinking and not start it to grab the “flimsy health” benefits. The benefits that are recognized by the experts include:

Reduction in risk of developing heart diseases, reduction in chances of a stroke, reduction on chance of getting diabetes but these benefits are not for all those people who consume alcohol as each person has a different functioning of the body. The benefits are generally for the people who fall in the older age group, moderate alcohol has been shown to harm young adults and middle aged people according to research study.

Amount of recommended alcohol

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans written down in 2010 recommends only two drinks for men and up to one drink a day for women. They further confirm that one drink is “Distilled spirits (80 proof): 1.5 fluid ounces (44 millilitres), Wine: 5 fluid ounces (148 millilitres), Beer: 12 fluid ounces (355 millilitres).

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