Easy tips and tricks to make your breasts look smaller!

If you”re well endowed, many may be baffled by your desire to camouflage or minimize the size of your boobs! But even the most confident girls out there can get embarrassed when people ogle at their chest. Large breasts might be visually appealing, but can be physically painful, leading to back, neck and shoulder discomfort and deformity.

Busty women have trouble finding clothes that fit the way they would like. Disheartened, many tend to resort to cosmetic procedures which are completely unnecessary. If your boobs are really hurting your back or getting in the way of things, then you could mull over it. But remember, surgery changes your body for good, so try to feel comfortable about your body.

We at TheMedGuru list a few tips to help make your breasts look smaller without having to go under the knife.

Diet and exercise
The beauty of the human body is that it can be drastically altered simply through diet and physical activity. Exercise and the quantity of food you consume can help play an important role in the location and size of muscle and fat that”s stored on the body. Figure out how many calories your body needs and eat accordingly. This will help to reduce the amount of fat in your breasts and they will appear smaller. Also focus on increasing your muscle mass which will make it harder for your body to store fat in your breasts. You can do this by incorporating some chest exercises into your workout. These will build the surrounding muscles to make the breasts appear smaller.

The right bra
Always wear a well fitting bra with the exact cup-size. Take the help of a professional to get the right size of bras that enhance your body shape. You can also opt for a minimizing bra that is specially designed to make your chest look smaller. It lifts and pulls in the breasts and can take a couple of inches off your bust line. Also try a sports bra. These purposely bind the breasts closer to the body so they don”t move during exercises or sporting events and are ideal for women who are well endowed.

When it comes to clothing, V-neck shirts are a great way to make your breasts look smaller. The neckline adds an element of verticality that cuts the broadness of the chest and elongates the line of your body and makes you look taller and more slender. Avoid wide, flowing tops and steer clear of halter-necks, empire designs, horizontally striped tops, baby-doll dresses, satins and sequined tops – these all accentuate an ample bosom and make it appear larger than it actually is.

Other tricks
Also layering of clothes pretty much covers you up and is totally chic. Drape scarves or stoles! Apart from covering your cleavage, it adds depth to your body in the proper manner, frames your face, and above all keeps you cozy! If you have a big chest, wear skinny jeans, or a figure-hugging pencil skirt that accentuate hips. This will draw attention away from your boobs and focus on another great part of your body. When it comes to accessories, avoid wearing long necklaces as they will maximize the impact on your breasts. Instead, choose a beautiful necklace or choker that can attract the onlookers.

Finally, try not to obsess over your boobs as it will only make you feel worse! Count yourself lucky, as there are loads of gals out there who would love to be in your shoes! Remember that the grass is always greener on the other side.

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