How to maintain a good eye health?

Occupied heavily in a world where we mostly spend our time in front of computer, laptop, playing video games, watching television, tablets, large phones et al, it becomes absolutely essential that we protect our eyes before it’s too late!

Eyes are one such organ of our body which helps our mind to visualize the world in beautiful colours, for it is through our vision that we see the world… the colours around us, the never-ending sky, green trees, people, objects and everything present which has a mass.

Now that the trends are fast changing and almost every old machinery is replaced with the new machinery involving a sort of automated computer, it thus becomes a prerequisite to maintain a good eye sight.

Here are some of the tips that will help you maintaining a good eye health.

Eat, eat and eat!
Now this does not mean that you start hogging on junk food! An absolutely No! Eat as many green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, collards and the like as you can for a good eyesight.

Sea food such as fish, tuna too work wonders on your eyesight. Consuming eggs, which are a very good source of proteins, along with beans, nuts, oranges and other citrus fruits, can maintain a good eye health.

Wear sunglasses…look stylish..have a good eye health!
Before going out in the sun, make sure that your eyes are protected with a good pair of sunglasses (or goggles) so that they can be protected from the harmful UV rays. You can choose a pair of glasses that block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays.

Look at least 10 feet away from your computer
If you stare too long at the computer, you can develop a weak eyesight, strain in your eyes, blurry vision, dry eye syndrome, posture problem, headache, neck and shoulder pain. Hence, ensure that you, during short breaks, look away from your computer for at least 60 seconds; and blink your eyes more often so that they don’t get dry.

Eye exercise
An eye exercise preferably early in the morning will help you sharpen your eyesight. Move your eyes slowly in circular motion and anti-circular motion. This is an effective exercise for eyes.

Smoking? Then quit it !
Smoking, otherwise too, is injurious for your health, and it can do harm to your eyes as well. It has the potential of causing cataracts and damaging eye nerves.

Get your eyes examined
A regular check-up at the eye doctor’s clinic will help you keep a tab on the increasing or decreasing number of your eyes.

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