Natural tips to prevent hair loss

Good, shining hair make you look smarter than others. A bad hair day can put you off easily. For most of the times, it’s majorly women who are caught worrying about the incessant hair fall due to which their hair look weak, dry and dull.

But, hey, you do not need to worry now. With these simple techniques, you can prevent hair loss. Here, have a closer look:

Hot oil treatment
Warm any hair oil- olive oil, coconut oil et al and heat it. When it is considerably warm, apply the oil on your hair. Massage through your hair into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and after an hour, wash them.

Head massage
If you massage your scalp daily, the blood circulation will be stimulated, which would further keep hair follicles active thus preventing a hair fall.

Try this. Rub your hair with natural juice- garlic juice, ginger juice or onion juice. Leave it on for the entire night, and then wash your hair next day.

You must be knowing by now that a major reason for hair fall is stress. Tension leads to an abnormal hair fall pattern. Thus, make it a point to invest some time meditating, which will definitely improve your health and yes, will make your hair more strong.

Vitamin intake
Vitamin A proves to be a very good antioxidant, promoting healthy scalp and stronger hair. Vitamin E is helpful in stimulating blood circulation which keeps the follicles active. Make sure you eat protein-rich diet.

Keep your hair clean
The less you wash your hair, the more prone they are to falling. Ensure, you wash your hair regularly and keep them clean. Apply shampoo (in moderate quantity) to your scalp and if you happen to apply a conditioner, focus that you apply it towards the end of your hair.

Stay away from chemicals or heating equipments
Avoid going in for perming, straightening, hot ironing and the like. Excessive heating can damage your hair thus making them wither away from your scalp.

Hairstyles do matter
Refrain from making hairstyles that literally stretch or pull your hair like braids or tighter pony tails.

Amla has components to strengthen hair. Apply Amla juice on hair and keep it on for 10-15 minutes post which, rinse your head with cold water. This will protect your hair and keep them from falling.

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