No more itching, scratching, burning! Try these home remedies to soothe a sore throat!

Sore throat is very common which typically needs no treatment other than pain relief. It is mostly due to infections, viruses or bacteria. Occasionally, sore throat can be due to allergies, excessively dry air, irritants, strained vocal chords or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

Irrespective of the cause the immediate concern when you””””””””””””””””re feeling scratchy, hoarse, or sore is how to get relief fast! You may be tempted to run to your doctor, but some of the best treatments are home remedies from your kitchen shelf!

Saltwater Gargle
Nothing works better than the old-fashioned saltwater gargle to sooth a sore throat. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in one cup of warm water and gargle with it for a few seconds. Remember to spit the water out after gargling, rather than swallowing! Repeating the procedure a few times a day reduces swelling in the throat, draws out the mucus membranes and helps flush out irritants or bacteria.

Honey is another long standing home remedy for a sore-throat. The antibacterial properties of honey can help speed healing process. Honey acts as a hypertonic osmotic, which helps draws water out of inflamed tissue, thereby easing the swelling and discomfort. Add a teaspoon of honey to a cup of hot water or herbal tea and sip slowly.

According to experts, when you””””””””””””””””re sick and your throat is irritated or inflamed staying hydrated is important. When you’re dehydrated, your body can’t produce enough saliva to keep the throat naturally lubricated which makes the swelling and inflammation worse. What you drink depends on you! Any drink will do as long as you are taking fluids. Water works great, as do warm teas, soups or fruit juice.

Next time your throat starts to tickle, brew yourself a cup of herbal tea. A warm cuppa can offer immediate, soothing relief for a sore throat. Herbal tea not only keeps you hydrated but contains antioxidants that are known to strengthen immunity and ward off infection.

Chicken broth
Nothing beats grandma’s age-old home remedy to help soothe a sore throat than chicken broth. Soup has an additional benefit. A sore throat makes eating painful, but sipping soup is not only easy but provides you with the essential nutrients to ward off your infection.

Sap from the marshmallow plant has been used for centuries in teas to treat coughs, colds, and sore throats. Steep two teaspoons of dried herb in 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes, strain and drink. Three to five cups of this concoction sipped daily works wonders for a scratchy throat.

Use a humidifier
Run a humidifier in your room to increase humidity. Adding moisture to the air will prevent the lining of your throat from becoming too dry and ease the discomfort. If you don’t have a humidifier, steam inhalation from a sink filled with hot water can provide comfort.

Home remedies are known to confer symptomatic relief but if the soreness persists or gets worse it is prudent to visit a doctor!

Edited by Neelam Goswami on 13-02-2014.

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