Now, condoms that are finer than strand of human hair!

Really could condoms get any thinner! At only 0.01 mm in thickness, the rubbers are like wearing next to nothing! Scientists in Japan have created condoms that are just one sixth the width of a human hair, which are being touted as the thinnest condoms in the world!

A Japanese company, Sagami Original, announced its ultra-light, polyurethane ”Sagami Original 0.01” contraceptive tool measuring at 0.01 millimeter.

All those skeptical that the thin and fragile condom may be a safety risk, rest assured as the company undertook more than a decade to complete the design of the material. Additionally, Sagami Rubber industries claim to have put over 25,000 condoms through rigorous stress tests to assess their durability and flexibility for human use.

“You know that usual smell of a latex condom? Well this condom has no smell at all, and I think you’ll agree that’s a neat feature of a polyurethane condom,” stated the blog about the Sagami Original 0.01. “On the other hand, the extreme thinness, and the fact it’s less stretchable makes it a bit harder to unroll.”

”Sagami Original 0.01”, were launched in Tokyo a fortnight ago and the condoms carry a price tag of £7.30 for a box of five. Currently the rubbers are available only in Japan and are reportedly selling like hot cakes with many stores running out of stock.

Sagami, which has been around since 1935, has a track record of bringing about a revolutionary change in the field of contraceptive technology. It is quite ahead of their Western counterparts given that the most reputed brands in US are offering rubbers which are 0.06 milimeters thick. The firm had created a 0.02 mm-thick condom in 2005 and is also the first manufacturer in the world to produce colored condoms.

Sagami is now mulling over the creation of condoms that are even thinner than ”Sagami Original 0.01”. Researchers told Japanese TV show Tokyo Sports, “Honestly, I don”t how we can make them thinner than this. But as long as there is a need for thinner, we will continue researching 0.009 millimeter and 0.008 millimeter thinness.”

Originally Published on 2013-12-09.

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