Sparkle them now! Whiten those pearly teeth with whitening products

Eeuuu…A brightly grinning face, but yucky yellow colored teeth? The sight of yellow pearlies instead of white ones is a sure turn off and to combat this people have started opting out for teeth whitening treatments. Need to go for a whitey and bright shiny smile? Then tooth whitening is the answer for you.

The “pearly” white teeth can change the appearance and smile tremendously. So the best way to get a “self-esteem push up” is to opt for improving the color of the teeth and alter the looks drastically.

Teeth whitening products

The teeth whitening ingredients have peroxide that bleaches the tooth enamel to make it whiter. The strength of peroxide that is used on the teeth will determine the percentage of whiteness of the teeth.

Generally the percentage amount of peroxide used in the tooth whitening products varies from 22%, 16% to about 10%. But there is one hitch in the whitening treatment, one has to be sure wheter the gums and teeth are healthy enough to undergo the procedure. There are various methods that are available, pick your choice and consult your dentist:

Teeth whitening gels and trays

These trays are worn on the teeth overnight or for a few hours every day for a few days till the time a change in the color is noticed. The change may be visible in 3-4 days or may take a few weeks. The whiteness depends on the amount of peroxide that is included in the gel or the tray.

Even the dentists have readily available teeth whitening kits that contain strong peroxide content and can bleach the teeth effectively. The advantages of these trays are that they are customized according to the jaw formation. The trays available in the markets have a generic size and may bring the bleach into direct contact with the gums leading to discomfort and irritation.

In-office bleaching

This procedure takes just about an hour and is done in the office of a dentist. This may be an expensive treatment but renders excellent results within an hour’s time. The immediate results are a big attractive option.

Teeth whitening toothpaste

Are your teeth covered with small stains? These may be surface stains that can be easily removed by the mild abrasives that are present in the tooth whitening toothpaste. These toothpastes also have special chemicals and polishing agents that can deal with surface stains effectively.

Strips for teeth whitening

Walk into any store or chemist shop and you can easily get the teeth whitening strips. These easy to use strips are inexpensive and actually show results. It’s the percentage of peroxide in the strips that determine the whiteness in the long run.

Medical science has now made progress leaps and bounds and has introduced innovative products like whitening mouthwashes, dental flosses and even chewing gum. The effects of these products are still under the scanner. Just check out for the acceptance of the products by an authorized agency before use.

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