Step down, pregnant ladies; high heels are not your cup of tea

Waiting anxiously for that bundle of joy and have to go to a party in your advanced pregnant stage? Now we come to the question of the “added elegance” with the high-heels. Should you or shouldn’t you wear the heels during pregnancy?

Increasing weight, change in center of gravity

It’s very important that one has an extra measure of self-esteem and self-pump added to a pregnant personality. For that it is a must to follow a fashion statement. Don’t worry it is possible to do that without clambering on to a pair of high heels as high heels are just not good news in a pregnancy.

As the pregnancy advances the weight increases and the shape of the body undergoes a drastic change. This results in an alteration in the center of gravity and wearing high heels distorts the pattern of walking. The walk becomes less steady and one can have a fall that can be detrimental for the unborn baby. It’s time to halt a while and think- “Does your increasing girth need the added height?”

Progesterone hormone
The pregnant state results in the production of progesterone that flows through the bloodstream and results in the loosening of the lower back ligaments. This aids the swelling of the stomach that is accommodating the baby. The pregnancy hormones also fill the bloodstream in the feet, ankles and lower legs. This leads to a reduction in the strength of the ankle, feet, and lower legs. Wearing heels make the gait uncomfortable and lead to agony in the lower back muscles.

Stability hassles

The increasing girth and weight of pregnancy shake the person’s stability and can result in falls because of the redistribution of the weight that has been added to the body. This can be very dangerous for the unborn fetus and the mother.

Swollen feet, tight shoes

Have you ever noticed that pregnant women have swollen feet? This is because of the fluid that the body starts to retain because of pregnancy. Fluid retention in the lower part of the body leaves the feet swollen and bigger. This also makes it difficult for the pregnant lady to fit comfortably into shoes and can lead to severe swelling and inflammation.

You don’t have to depend on high heels to look good and fashionable. Smart shoes in the flat range are also available in the market, there are splashed about in various colors and designs, just extend your hand and grab them.

Believe it or not it’s the overall package that counts, mamma-to-be, you have that immense “baby glow” about you that makes you look gorgeous.

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