Want a dazzling smile? Try these home remedies for whiter teeth!

A killer smile with a flash of pearly whites is a sure-shot weapon of a girl to win over many hearts! Believe me it never fails to attract the attention of a man. Not unless teeth are stained, yellow or discolored.

A mouth full of sparkling white teeth is a dream come true for everyone. Apart from enhancing your beauty and making you more alluring, a dazzling smile gives you a magnetic personality and boosts your self- confidence.

Before we figure how to get rid of the yellow stains, it’s important to know why teeth change color in the first place. Genetics, diet and how well you practice oral hygiene play a role. While the enamel on teeth becomes thinner and the inner layer, called dentin, becomes naturally darker as we age, drinks like coffee, tea, cola red wine, along with tobacco are frequent culprits.

Wait a minute! Before you start wasting precious money on treatments like whitening gels and in-office procedures to remove stains from your ivories there are some easy remedies straight from your kitchen shelf to restore your glowing smile.

Banana peel
Next time you eat a banana, don’t throw the peel but rub it on your teeth for two minutes. Brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste after 15 minutes. You will notice a visible difference after repeating the process twice or thrice a week. Banana peel contains mineral like potassium, manganese and magnesium that seep into the teeth and help to whiten them.

Eat crunchy foods
Crunchy, crispy foods like apples, celery and carrots, behave like nature’s toothbrush. They have an abrasiveness that can help scrub away a lot of exterior stains from the teeth and give the illusion that they are whiter. These foods are also high in Vitamin C, which prevents gum disease and gingivitis and kill the nutrition contaminants and odor-causing bacteria.

Lemon peel & juice
Lemon is another fruit that works wonder in teeth whitening. Lemons are natural bleaching agents and are effective in lightening up and brightening up your teeth. Try rinsing your mouth with half water, half lemon juice once or twice a week. You can also rub the lemon peel or apply its juice to the teeth. Make sure you don’t use lemon straight on your teeth sparingly. The citric acid found in lemons eats away at the enamel and speeds up tooth decay if used very frequently.

Strawberries can also bestow a radiant smile. Just mash a couple of strawberries and apply them to your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse off with water or brush your teeth after the procedure. Strawberries contain Vitamin C which can help break-down plaque that makes teeth look yellow. The fruit is also a rich source of natural enzyme known as malic acid which removes surface stains and whitens your smile. Moreover, the fiber found in strawberries work as natural cleanser and helps remove bacteria, specifically from the mouth and teeth.

Drooling delights
Given that saliva is the body’s built-in cleaning agent, chewing gum and eating fruits like oranges and pineapples cause you to drool which helps clean the teeth and brighten the smile.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is a cleaning agent and deodorizer, which helps get rid of stains. Just mix a little salt with baking soda and apply it to your teeth with a help of a soft tooth brush. Leave it for two to three minutes and then rinse off with water. You will get white sparkling teeth instantly. There are many tooth pastes that containing baking soda, but if they do not you can sprinkle a pinch of baking soda on your paste before brushing. Remember baking soda is very abrasive so it’s not the ideal long-term tooth whitener as it has the potential to damage the enamel.

Edited by Neelam Goswami on 10-02-2014.

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