Want smooth & pretty feet? Follow these foot care tips at home

They carry our weight, take us everywhere we need to go and help us make some serious fashion statement with shoes. Yet most of us don’t have time for a little tender love and care for our dear tootsies!

We forget that our feet are exposed to harsh elements on a daily basis and are very prone to drying and cracking. Ignore them and you can soon start looking like a Yeti. If you don’t have time for regular pedicures, we recommend the following quick and easy home remedies to get baby soft feet for all you people on the move.

Foot care tips at home:

Add some lemon juice to warm water and soak your feet in this solution for a few minutes and then gently scrub them with the help of a soft foot brush. Lemons are great because they have a very mild natural acidic property and thus help in getting rid of dead and dry skin cells from around feet. You can also make a mixture of lemon juice and papaya and apply it to feet. Wash after 15 minutes, dry your feet and apply moisturizer for best results.

Glycerin is a great way to heal cracked feet. You can combine it with some rose water and apply it on your heels. You can also mix glycerin with some raw salt, lemon, rose water in warm water and soak your feet for a couple of minutes. Follow this with a scrub using a pumice stone, wash, dry and moisturize.

Foot scrub
Foot scrubs are ridiculously easy to make and is super effective. Just mix together 1/2 a cup of salt, 1/4 a cup of olive oil, the juice of 1/2 a lime and 5 or 6 fresh mint leaves torn into very small pieces. Massage your feet gently with this mix for at least five minutes and wash. While cleaning, make sure you get all the scrub off to prevent any residual infection.

Paraffin wax
Paraffin wax is a favourite at most salons for making feet soft and supple. Take paraffin wax and heat it along with some mustard or coconut oil to make a smooth paste. Apply this on your feet before retiring and cover them in socks overnight. You can also use the wax melted from a regular candle for similar results.

Try some honey to soften your feet. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and 2 tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Pour the mixture into a bowl or basin and stick your feet in. Soak for 15 minutes and watch it magically transform your feet.

Slather on some cream
Foot scrubs and soaks are great but nothing works better for your feet than a good rub. Use cream, oil or petroleum and slip on your socks. Ideally remove the dead skin from your feet by scrubbing and then massage with some lotion. You can also make your own cream at home. Just combine one tablespoon of olive oil, a few drops of lemon or lavender oil in a small bottle and then add an equal amount of water to it. Mix it properly to get a thick milky solution.

Edited by Neelam Goswami on 24-02-2014.

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