Cleanse your arterial system by gorging on 6 artery cleansing foods

Dread a heart attack? and think how to have healthy heart ?Then it’s time to cleanse your arterial system. We at MedGuru bring you some foods that help you cleanse the arteries and stay healthy naturally.

Arteries are rivers that transport oxygen and essential nutrients to different parts of the human body from the heart. With course of time the arteries start to get deposits and thus they get narrowed. The narrowing of the artery forces the heart to work harder. Heard about the saying “You are what you eat”? Be sensible and eat the “right diet,” insist the experts. A major way of staying “artery healthy” or the right way to maintain cardiovascular health is to eat the right kind of food. Organic food gets special thumbs up always:


Phytochemicals in pomegranates act as antioxidants. These phytochemicals protect the arteries from damage as they protect the lining of the arteries. The juice made from pomegranate seeds is rich in antioxidants and this promotes the body to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps the body by keeping the arteries open and the blood flowing freely through them.


Spirulina is actually blue green algae that has been made into a powder form or is taken as a supplement. When taken in a recommended dose spirulina normalizes the blood pressure by relaxing the artery walls. Spirulina helps the liver in decreasing the LDL cholesterol and increasing the HDL cholesterol to a small extent and thus help the liver balance fat levels in the blood.


Need to keep the deadly blood clots away? Grab a sprig of asparagus. According to an organic chemist, Shane Ellison, “Asparagus works within the 100,000 miles of veins and arteries to release pressure, thereby allowing the body to accommodate for inflammation that has accumulated over the years.”


Cranberries are rich in potassium and these yummy fruits help keep the LDL cholesterol levels reduced. They also promote good HDL cholesterol in body and lower the chances of heart disorders by about 40%.


This fruit can be labeled as a great heart protector and is considered as a diet friendly fruit. Watermelon has an amino acid called citrulline that helps in reducing the blood pressure when taken for a few weeks. The amino acid prompts the body to produce amino acid that in turn is responsible for the widening of the blood vessels.


A commonly used spice, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties due to curcumin. The main reason for the thickening of the arteries or arteriosclerosis is inflammation. Curcumin in the turmeric reduces arterial fatty deposits by almost 26%.

Edited by Neelam goswami on 18-03-2014.

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