Keep aging at bay! 6 Correct ‘everyday’ habits to keep you young

Did you grab that sunscreen before you rushed outdoors? Good, you saved yourself some aging wrinkle lines for sure.You may not be able to turn back the times but at least you can slow down the aging process by following some simple habit changes. These habits may actually be neutralizing your effects to stop the aging. These do include the reduction in the nicotine and alcohol levels. Worth a read:

Exercise always- not just to lose weight

Keep exercise as a regular habit and don’t leave it for a rainy day. Physical activity helps one shed the calories and also can help ward off chronic inflammation, keep away diabetes, brain fog, and other chronic diseases. If you don’t feel like doing the vigorous weight lifting or the treadmill, head outside for a walk in the natural beauty. Make sure you try to keep to your routine.

Go for some stress free fun times with “friends”

Don’t forget to contact your friends for some fun times. Cultivate your old friendships, they were your best times and reconnecting with them helps you combat the obesity bug, keep away depressive thoughts, and protect the heart. So stay young and re-energized with your friends.

Never skip the veggies

Make sure to gorge on the anti-oxidant veggies and rich fruits. The free radicals in the body make sure they damage the skin cells and it’s the veggies and fruits that fight these free radicals. The life period of the free radicals is limited and thus they need to be replenished regularly. This is the reason why we need to keep eating the greens regularly. Stock them 4-5 hourly, and see that skin look younger.

Go to bed early

Do you face a “lug-fold” of home chores daily along with a strenuous work schedule? Do your home chores extend into the late hours of the evening? This is the woe that often home makers feel and because of the super busy day the bedtime is pushed back beyond limits. This compromise on the sleep pattern results in an older look, health hassles like diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight gain. The best way is to make sleep your priority and sleep till you naturally wake up.

Reduce the sweets

Sugar laden meals ruin the waist line and also can cause the skin to get wrinkled and become dull. The excess of sugar enhances the age by causing the skin to sag. The collagen and the elastin start to deplete and shows up on the skin. Limit the sugar you add to your drinks and keep a keen look out on the food product wrappers to check if any sugar is creeping into you without you being aware of it.

Keep away stress

Try to detach yourself from the kiddy issues, the work issues and the family hassles. Hormones such as norepinephrine and cortisol increase in the blood with stress and this leads to increase in the blood pressure levels and a decreased immunity. Stress also effects the memory, mood, and learning. The best way is to go for deep breathing and some meditation procedures.

Last but not the least, keep that libido fanned and alive at all times. It works fantastically for the temperament and also helps lower the risk of cancer and keep healthier hearts.

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