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Split ends

Split ends? 5 natural remedies for this common hair problem!

Split ends have to be the most common hair problem we face! You hear ladies complaining about it in salons, chatting about it over...

Kidney Stones: Causes and Symptoms

Kidneys perform their most important task of filtering blood in the body. They cleanse the body and excrete its waste in form of urine. During...

Amazing health & beauty benefits of good old Amla!

Given its succulent, sour and bitter taste, your taste buds aren’t likely to jump for joy after biting into the Amla, aka Amalaki or...

Benefits of water aerobics

How about working hard under the sun without sweating and panting for breath? If you’re thinking it’s impossible to workout under the blazing sun...

Get rid of brown swollen warts the natural way!

Disturbed and embarrassed by the dark and wealy swollen bumps on skin? They are the verruca vulgaris or vulgar warts. Basically warts are dead...

Fretting over dark underarms? Try these magical home remedies!

Dark underarms can be a big turn off especially if you want to wear sleeveless cocktail outfits or jazz up the oomph factor with...