Monsoon attack! Be careful of these dreaded rainy weather diseases

Is the cold, damp and rainy weather getting on your nerves or do you relish the hot steaming coffee cup as the rain patters on the roof? One thing is certain, it’s pouring “cats and dogs” and bacteria, germs, are multiplying like crazy. These microorganisms are perennially on the lookout for potential grounds to breed and they are attacking innocent victims, causing their immune system to fall a prey to their attack.

A bacterial viral attack in rainy weather

A compromised immune system means a break out of medical disorders and diseases. The respiratory, water borne diseases, vector-borne diseases and other medical upheavals like malaria, flu, cold and gastrointestinal disorders are on the rise and they can be very troublesome when they spread their tentacles into a healthy home.

Are you a junk food lover? Do you love having those rainy baths? Be careful, this is the monsoon season shower and it can cause a large number of illnesses that can indispose you. Let us list some common diseases that can coop you up in bed during these watery days.

Different diseases

The wet weather is the ideal propagation ground for many micro-organisms and this leads to the rise in dreaded and uncomfortable diseases like Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Cholera and Diarrhea. You need to guard yourself against the fast breeding mosquitoes that can cause Malaria, hemorrhagic fever and dengue. Dengue leads to high fever and rash and in worse cases it can cause hemorrhages inside skin. You need to provide treatment for this , pronto!

The water shower in the rainy season leads to a sudden cooling of temperature and the atmosphere is ideal to promote poor health due to respiratory tract infections caused by virus and bacteria, hypothermia and leptospirosis. Do you hear that wracking “doggy” cough ring out all around? Its flared Asthma! Asthmatics have a difficult time during this wet and humid weather because the allergens are moving about freely on the loose and they creep into the human body triggering allergies, leading to acute breathlessness.

Food gets contaminated very easily and ingestion of this infected food, can cause severe parasitic infestations, viral or bacterial infections and permanent damage to the intestines.

Maintenance of common monsoon diseases

Have you been browbeaten by ‘Monsoon diseases’? Get treated, now! Go for oral rehydration therapy if you are undergoing gastrointestinal disorders and in severe cases, head straight for the hospital for intravenous replacement of lost fluids. Malaria and dengue cause high fever and need to be treated with medical drugs or else it can develop complications and even cause death. Drink clean purified water and do not let any mosquitoes breed in stagnant water near your home.

A few words of caution

Be careful of electrocution and shocks during the rainy weather as the live electricity wires can get exposed to the water and conduct electric shocks.
Drive slowly on the roads as they are slippery and can be a potential hazard that can lead to serious accidents.
Wash your vegetables and fruits meticulously to get rid of the disease causing germs and don’t forget to sanitize your hands regularly .
Keep feet dry so that they are not attacked by fungal infections. Why don’t you add a few open sandals to your shoe wardrobe?