Anger management issues? Some tips

Cannot control temper? Feeling like always on Edge?

Being stuck at home for a longer period, spending all the time with family has its side effects. Family is the greatest gift, but too much of anything could become poison. One such side effect of that poison is anger.  

Anger is a very common emotion. And it’s not just limited to humans, animals can also feel this emotion. At rare occurrences feeling angry could even be healthy. But if it becomes a part of everyday life, it’s bad for not just our mental health but also our physical health.  

We may not be able to control ourselves in not feeling angry right away, but we can control reacting to it.  

  1. Never speak when you are angry, close your mouth and get out of this situation. If the other person wants to talk, tell them that you are in no condition to have a rational conversation.   
  1. Burn that frustration, exercise. Anger builds up a lot of frustration and sometimes we physically cannot control that energy inside us. So, exercising will help in burning that excessive energy we feel.  
  1. Watch something funny. Laughter is the best medicine for most of our problems. Laughter brings a sense of happiness and when we are happy, we can think rationally.  
  1. Articulate properly. It is tough to be respectful when we are angry but going either offensive or defensive will not solve the problem. But talking about the problem will.  
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