How Does Living Space Affect Our Mental Health?

How to make your home a relaxing place

Ever tried working in an environment that has mess all around? A space filled with background construction noises? It is most probably that you were anxious or stressed. Your brain could barely function.

Environmental psychology is a body of research that studies how our living spaces affect our mental state. And it points that everything around your house, from how you arrange your room, how much sunlight enters your room, can affect your emotional state.

Our home is our sanctuary. Keeping it tidy helps keep our brains calm. A clean and organized safe space has many benefits. Here is how they can help you.


Researches have proved that an organized, clean environment keeps our minds organized. Keeping your interior space clean and organized supports well-being and emotional balance. They help you think straight and clearly.

A Boost In Productivity

When the environment you work in is free of clutter, your brain can focus on responsibilities and tasks without any distraction. Ways to clear the clutter are: remove extra stuff from your workplace like unnecessary paperwork, gadgets.

Assess Your Living Space

As much as it is important to keep your workplace organized, one needs to look after their living space too. You need a space that you can fall back into for relaxation after a hectic work schedule. How to make it work? Look around for whatever clutter you notice that irritates you. Try to change it. Replace old furniture with new. Fix any broken things.

The environment in which you live and work has a direct impact on your mental health. You can improve your life by making your home an ideal place for relaxation. A clean and organized living space helps you achieve clarity of mind and boosts your productivity. It also helps you relax as opposed to making you more stressed.



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