Smart Ways to Stop Cravings at Night

We all know the feeling when it is late and your heart is craving food. One of the biggest mistakes people make when dieting is late-night snacking. You exercise regularly, and each day, you choose healthy options from breakfast to dinner. But then comes the rumbling tummy, and the sudden snack attack, and down goes your hard work. Thankfully, there are super accessible ways to stop cravings at night.

Drink Plenty of Water: When you feel the urge to sneak into the pantry and pull out the chips, try drinking two or more cups of water.

Find Good Distractions: Boredom can be a big reason you suddenly feel hungry. If you’re not tired, but it’s too late to snack, simply distract yourself. Most times, a strange craving for chips or cookies is merely psychological and not your body telling you it’s time to eat.

You can even try distracting yourself by meditating. which lowers levels of stress. Stress boosts the hormone cortisol, which triggers the urge to eat unhealthy foods high in fat and sugar.

Brush Your Teeth: Make brushing your teeth after dinner or dessert a must. The work you put into polishing your pearly whites will have you questioning your craving for a late-night treat because who wants to go through the trouble of brushing twice?

If you just have to snack, make it the healthiest it can be. Try an apple with peanut butter. A handful of dried fruit. If you need something creamy, try some yogurt. These snacks won’t make you feel guilty in the morning while getting your craving off your mind. Just be sure you keep your portion size in check.

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