The Awake Nightmare: Sleep Paralysis

What is sleep paralysis and how to deal with it?

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, have a strong feeling that something has possessed you? You want to get up from the bed but are unable to or you want to scream but not a single word comes out. This nightmare has existed since the birth of humankind. It feels like the evil spirit has all the control but in reality, it is just sleeping paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is the inability to move when you are conscious. It can happen while you are going to sleep or just about to wake up.

Sleep paralysis, often, is seen in young teenagers but it has no definite age to it, anyone, of any age, any gender can experience it. Sleep paralysis is also said to be passed on from one generation to the other.


The main reasons for sleep paralysis are:

  • Substance Abuse
  • Any medications, as used for ADHD
  • Change in sleep schedule
  • Stress or bipolar disorder
  • Leg cramps or narcolepsy

If your symptoms are filling you up with anxiety and disturbing your daily routine, it is advisable to get an appointment with a doctor.


Usually, sleep paralysis needs no treatment. Basic home remedies that can help to treat it are mentioned below:

  • Get proper sleep of six to eight hours every day
  • If prescribed, get anti-depressants as they can help make a good sleep cycle
  • Relieve any stress that you have in life, take a vacation

Sleep disorder is very common with every 4 out of 10 people experiencing it. If you get sleep paralysis, try to get in touch with a doctor and find out if you have any mental illness or any disorder. Getting help is always greater than suffering alone.


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