Porn films need a moratorium pronto! It’s time to pick up a drastic step and provide protection for the adult stars of the porn industry feel the industry trade group authorities. Three porn stars have been discovered as HIV positive. Rod Daily, Cameron Bay and another unnamed porn star have tested positive for the deadly virus.

HIV scare shrouds porn industry

The US porn industry is swamped in the grips of an HIV scare and in one month’s duration may have to shut down for the second time. It is the diagnosis of a third case of HIV positive in the porn world that has led to this drastic measure. It was a health fascility that regularly monitors the porn actors that made the discovery, said the industry trade group. The second industry shut down is certainly not very pleasing news!

Surprisingly the porn films are worth a multibillion dollar industry but when 28 year old Cameron Bay, was diagnosed with HIV the porn industry had to face moratorium for about a week.

FSC screening

A rigorous medical testing schedule organized by the FSC, had cleared the adult film Bay’s “on-screen” partners, and the moratorium had been lifted on the August 27th. Then a HIV positive Twitter post by 32 year old Rod Daily aka Joshua Rodgers, a second actor, shocked the people. Bay and Rodgers had been in a relationship for the past one year.

The FSC said that they had not asked for a moratorium because Daily had not passed through the official medical screening system but had been tested by his personal physician, but they are under doubt about the authenticity of his tweeted comment.

HIV strikes

According to Joanne Cachapero, membership director of the trade group, the Free Speech Coalition, it is not sure whether it was a porn shoot where the actor contracted the virus. In a statement to Reuters, she said “While we don’t have evidence to suggest an on-set transmission as opposed to a transmission from non-industry (off-camera) related activity, we are taking every measure to determine the source and to protect the performer pool.” The trade group has asked another moratorium to be forced in effect right away on pornographic productions.

After Bay and Daily, the porn industry is shocked as another actor whose identity has not been disclosed went through the Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) to test positive. Sources from the industry confirm that at least 12 of the female adult actors have been isolated. The trade group is insisting that the people performing in adult films need to wear condoms to protect themselves from deadly virus like HIV.

An advocacy group called The AIDS Healthcare Foundation stated that they felt that the porn industry was not laying down proper rules for the protection of the porn stars and that use of condom should be mandatory for the porn shoots organized in Los Angeles. Michael Weinstein, president of The AIDS Healthcare Foundation sadly commented “I’m sad for the person involved. But I’m really sad for our community, that we’re treating these people as utterly disposable.”


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