Shocking news casts a shadow on the porn industry again, as a fourth actor from adult films tests positive for HIV. A moratorium was ordered on the filming of porn films when the first porn actor showed positive for HIV. Fear stalks the industry as the porn community feels that this lucrative business might take a nose dive!

HIV scare in porn industry

Is the HIV scare marring the activity in the porn industry? According to Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation confirmed that a fourth actor, who was a male, had contracted HIV but he refused from disclosing the identity of the person and stated “”We were approached by the performer, I can confirm. However, he has asked that all other information be kept strictly confidential at this time.”

Cameron Bay, Rod Daily

Last month Cameron Bay, Rod Daily’s confessions and diagnosis had rocked the porn world and the shooting of a film was halted. Daily generally shows up in gay porn and was said to be in a relationship with Cameron since the last one year.

Last Friday saw another female porn actor diagnosed HIV positive but the name of the actor has not made the headlines as yet. The lady is not in any way connected to Cameron, say the reports. Michael did say that “Cameron Bay worked with HIV during a period of time when she was most infectious.”

HIV widespread

Can we ask why this sudden widespread discovery of HIV? According to Michael Weinstein who sited obvious reasons for the spread and then said that porn culture is going through a rapid change and “There is too much parsing over ‘cross-over’, ‘on-set/off-set’, ‘window periods’, etc. Sooner or later driving without a seat belt or having unprotected sex is likely to lead to injury — those are the facts.”

Hadn’t the community had been scared last month by a syphilis outbreak?

The moratorium on the porn industry had been reinstated after confirmed news of the 3rd case hit the industry but now the Coalition has asked for a shutdown of the industry from the Aug 21st to the Aug 27th.

The people who were co-stars with Cameron Bay have got the clean chit by the FSC. A voter initiative has been started by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation that insists on the use of condoms for porn movies made in L.A. The industry is opposed to the suggestion as they feel that condom porn is not the choice of the people and so the better option is regular monthly screening.


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