Do you know what draws partners close to each other? It””””s sex and love! A healthy sex life is the pillar of a great relationship between two people. But what if one is unable to enjoy the basic act of sex and is bogged down by excruciating pain during intercourse.

It’s not an uncommon feature to shy away from sex, but have you chalked out the reason for this. It may be the fear of a painfully traumatic sexual encounter that pushes you away. A sex encounter may be a traumatic experience for a person with physical health problems and we can categorize vaginal pain as a main cause of concern for women. Read on for some more information:

Infection in the vagina

Yeast infections are a very common occurrence in many women, and can cause severe irritation in the vaginal area. This ends up as a major dampener in the joy of a sexual relation because of the pain it causes.

Menopausal women

Time does take its toll on the women who fall in the menopausal period. Menopause is known to lead to severe dryness in the vaginal area and intercourse can lead to pain. There is a lack of proper dilation in the vaginal tissues, and a lack of lubrication that leads to pain. There are women who complain of a fall in their libidinal energies during menopause, thus the act of sex may not be as pleasurable.

Uterine disorders

Sometimes deep intercourse can lead to a lot of discomfort in women especially those women who have uterus fibroids. This can lead to severe pain during the act thus prompting the woman to shy away from the act.

Fear and Vaginismus

Women are known to complain about a contraction of their vaginal muscles during sexual intercourse, this leads to relentless pain whenever the act is done. The muscles may contract whenever there is a fear of the act itself.

The drying of vaginal issues and a medical condition of endometriosis also leads to a lot of discomfort during sex. Such states lead to a rasping of the muscular lining and painful lesions in the vaginal ligaments and the surrounding areas. Every time there is a penetration the tissues are stretched beyond proportion and may get ripped.

This was just to inform you about the reasons why sex may be painful for some. Stay connected to TheMedguru for more information. Till then happy reading!

Originally published on 13-11-2013.


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