Irritated by the stenchy garlic? Don’t throw the white pods away, they are a hidden bundle of advantages. Garlic has an immense number of benefits, all you have to do is read the space below and get to know of the large number of “Garlicky facts”:

Cure cold and cough

Adding chopped garlic to a boiling cup of water and brewing it for a while is an effective cold remedy. Strain the mixture and sip it slowly. To improve the taste, add a few drops of ginger and honey to the hot beverage. Best is to use it in your daily menu lavishly, as it also improves the taste of the food.

Get rid of acne

Garlic is a “kitchen remedy” for getting rid of unsightly blemishes and acne because of its antioxidants, though it is not included in any acne medication. It kills the bacteria present in the pimple and acts as an effective topical application for acne.

Stop that hair fall

Garlic contains large quantities of a sulphur rich compound, allicin, that is known to treat the loss of hair. Take out garlic juice or crush the pods on the scalp and watch that juice escape onto the scalp. If you are turned off by the smell then mix the juice with some aroma hair oil. It won’t lessen the smell but will definitely make it tolerable.

Anti inflammatory garlic

Garlic has anti-inflammatory qualities and it also helps in controlling the scratchy psoriasis break outs. Garlic oil can help keep the inflamed area rash free.

Cure athlete’s foot

Garlic possesses anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Does that skin between your toes go itchy and scratchy red? Add some garlic juice to hot water and soak your feet in it.

Reduce those fat deposits with garlic

A study highlights the fact that mice who were given a diet rich in garlic showed a reduction in their fat deposits and weight. So get “waist friendly” my friends, add that flavory garlic to your meals daily.

Scare the mosquitoes

Rubbing the skin with garlic scares the mosquitoes away. Make a concoction out of petroleum jelly, garlic oil and beeswax for a “anti pesky mosquito” repellent. If you can’t do that just rub garlic on it.

Thorn in your foot, apply garlic

Got a wooden splinter in your foot? Listen to your granny tale! Wash the area, place a cut garlic piece on it and apply bandage on it. Just see the splinter peep out within no time and pull it away.

We know it’s smelly and yucky but the benefits out do the disadvantages my friends, so keep a few garlic cloves hidden in a box deep in your purse!


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