Mama “to-be”, please follow these pointers for baby’s safety!

Are you full term into your pregnancy and going for a long drive with your partner to spend some cozy moments together? Remember to tuck your seat belt in a proper manner to keep the unborn baby cozy and safe.

We are sure that this fact must have escaped your attention! It may be uncomfortable to tie yourself down with a snug seat beat but it is necessary to keep the baby secure at all times. Let’s share a few pointers with you regarding baby safety and the things to avoid during pregnancy time:

The safety belt

You must strap yourself in the car as serious injury can be caused to an unborn child in case of an unfortunate accident. Leave the lap belts and fix the diagonal seat belt resting on your shoulder, passing in between the breast and covering the gorgeous baby bump. The lap belt can be pulled snugly beneath the bump.

Say no to cigarettes

Leave the blistering cigarette aside during pregnancy. Try to avoid passive smoking as well, the unborn baby maybe choking on the fumes inside your womb. Nicotine passes through the placenta to the baby and even a little amount can be dangerous for the small sized baby. These babies maybe exposed to respiratory illness and developmental abnormalities.

No drinks for the little one

Even a teeny weenie alcoholic beverage consumed during pregnancy can pose a grave danger to the unborn baby’s health. Inside the womb the organs of the baby are developing constantly, drinking regularly can cause fetal alcohol syndrome in the little one.

Caffeine drinks

Hey! Is that your 5th cup of hot coffee since morning? Be careful, too much caffeine can lead to low birth weight unhealthy babies and increase the chances of a miscarriage. You may be taking in caffeine in other forms also – your favorite cola, the energy drinks etc, they all are loaded on caffeine levels and the little baby encased inside your body gets to sip it all. Be careful!

The ecstatic drugs

You may have snorted a few marijuana leaves in your college days but its time to wish the cocaine, cannabis, crack and heroin a good bye women! They can cause dehydration and birth defects in the unborn children. Worse still they may make the child an addict right from birth. Go for some counseling to wish this habit off you for good.

Some common precautions are never to drink unboiled milk, gobble undercooked meat, or eat with unwashed hands that may have been contaminated by animal feces. Another pointer is to stay away from over the counter medications like aspirin or nurofen.