Oopsie, baby on the way!! How to cope with an unexpected pregnancy??

Surprises in our lives often hit us when we least expect them. Sometimes they can be exciting but on other occasions they can leave us utter bewilderment. An unplanned pregnancy certainly falls in the latter category.

Pregnancy is beautiful, magical and even empowering, but can be a harrowing experience when it’s unexpected! Pregnancy is a monumental physical, psychological and emotional experience whatever the circumstances surrounding it.

An unplanned pregnancy, though an extremely common occurrence, can be accompanied by a wide range of emotions! It’s natural to feel scared of the unknown, like motherhood!! The first reaction may be panic, a sense of “why wasn’t I more careful”, “How did that happen”, “I thought I’d be ok”. This may be followed by a sense of devastation, feelings of being trapped, culminating in anxiousness, depression, and fear of what the future holds.

Once you have weighed your options (adoption or abortion) and opt to carry the baby to term, handling an unexpected pregnancy and the changes you’ll face on the baby’s arrival into the world is not tough!! There are ways to shake off feeling “overwhelmed” and “at loss” and cope with the demands of your new role!!

1.Be emotionally strong: Since an unplanned pregnancy constitutes a life changing event, it can be fraught with emotional dilemma. Airing feelings both positive and negative, with close friends and family members can be extremely beneficial. When the emotional reactions become overpowering and begin to interfere with daily functioning, professional counseling can help you stay happy.

2. Change your schedules:Given that an unplanned pregnancy can alter your lifestyle and perspective, mull over the changes you can incorporate to be a mother while still aiming for other life goals. Look for alternate ideas that you can execute as an expectant mother.

3. Seek medical advice: It’s imperative that you visit a doctor to discuss any concerns you have about the health and growth of your baby, especially if you have a history of miscarriages or other medical issues. Refrain from smoking drinking and doing drugs. Also, any medication, prescription or not, should be cleared by your doctor before being taken.

4.Educate Yourself: Education is your key to empowerment. The Internet is a wonderful tool to provide you with a wealth of information. Make a list of all your apprehensions and doubts and surf sites that provide simple information to in-depth online classes.

5.Discuss with your partner: It’s vital that you and your partner are on the same page about the pregnancy otherwise it might become a source of dispute. Talk to him about your concerns, fears and give an ear to his viewpoint. If newly married, try and spend as much time as possible together so that you strengthen your relationship before the baby arrives.

Though this can be a troublesome time in your life, remember you’re not the only one who’s had an “oops” moment! Just follow the tips and the fear will soon turn into acceptance!!