Beauty products “under your nose”- raid kitchen larder

Need to brighten your beautiful skin further? Don’t march off to the cosmetic hub; your kitchen is a haven of natural beauty products. Just pry open the cupboard and search through.

We are just going to change your life by helping you add some pennies to your purse; you don’t need to buy chemical based expensive products from the market anymore, it’s time for some alternative skin friendly stuff from the kitchen shelves:

Cleansing products

Grapes contain tartaric acid, milk contains lactic acid, and sugar cane has glycolic acid, these can be used as natural facial cleansers.

Whenever you need to remove your pancake on the face just put a few drops of sesame oil or olive oil on a piece of cotton and rub away the makeup remains. If you are troubled by acne, then cleanse your skin with some “salicylic acid” overloaded strawberries.


After cleansing your skin of the dirt and muck, it’s time to shine away with some exfoliating treatment. Take some coarsely grounded rolled oatmeal, that is not very harsh on the skin but helps clean it gently. One can also pick up coarsely ground dry almonds, brown sugar, lemon or orange rind and scrub on a wet face. Then wash face and see the pink skin shine through.

Mixing one teaspoon each of lemon juice, honey and walnut powder also makes a healthy face scrub.

Moisturize naturally

Is your skin oily? Use egg whites to nourish the skin naturally. To keep the excess oil production from the skin under control you can prepare a red gram or fenugreek paste that can be applied to get a shiny glowing complexion.

Now let’s come to the dry skin. Avocado pulp, ripe and mashed banana, egg yolk or mashed papaya can be applied on the skin for a lasting sheen. To brighten up the dull skin you can apply curd. It’s a great moisturizer and also cleanses the skin deeply.


The apple cider vinegar often used to add the dash of yumminess to your gourmet delights is an excellent toner. Take a slice of pineapple, lemon or a piece of cucumber as an astringent. Vinegar is the ideal answer to smelly feet and the stenchy armpits.

A vinegar foot bath is the best way out when you suffer from athlete’s foot. For silky smooth skin rub some cooking soda on the skin as you take a shower and also rid your face of blackheads.
The antiseptic yellow spice “turmeric” from the kitchen helps remove under eye puffiness, dark circles, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation, and also imparts a luminescent glow to the skin.

Pick up the bottle of rose water lying in the fridge and spray the cool water to stay refreshed at all times. Boiled and cooled water prepared from the green tea leaves can be a great sunscreen lotion when applied below the makeup layer. In case you get sunburn then use some olive oil to settle the inflamed skin. You can also get rid of the suntan by using a mixture of lemon and cucumber juice on skin.