11 vital nutrients required for your child’s overall development

As parents, have you ever wondered what are the right kind of nutrients required for your child to grow? Of course, you have browsed the Internet or spoken to your paediatrician about what vitamins and other nutrients are essential for your growing child.

For a balanced diet and a perfectly balanced lifestyle, Medguru talks about the 11 most essential nutrients one needs to give their child for a healthy and an active living.

The 11 vital nutrients needed for the development and the growth of the child are as follows:
1. Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is one the most important nutrient required for the development of a growing child. It helps in fighting germs, thus reducing the risks of common cough and cold issues that are most common among children. Citrus fruits like lemon, fresh lime, oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C. Seasonal fruits like Mango and strawberries are full of Vitamin C. Veggies like tomatoes, sweet red peppers and cantaloupe should be included in the daily diet of your child.

2. Calcium:
For the development of the strong bones and teeth, calcium is required for the kids. Providing your child with sufficient amount of calcium thus reducing the chances of osteoporosis in their adult life should be ensured by each and every parent. A big glass of low fat milk along with meals or alternatively a bowl of curd or cheese should be given to your child, as all the three are rich sources of calcium.

3.Vitamin A:
Vitamin A is required for healthy eyesight and to develop the immunity system of your child. Rich sources of Vit A include carrots, cantaloupe and sweet potatoes. This should be included in every child’s meal.

4. Essential Fatty Acids:
EFA’s are required to regulate the cell growth, to absorb all the other nutrients consumed by their little bodies and to strengthen the brain cells for improved brain activity. Fish like Salmon and Tuna are rich sources of Essential fatty acids. Olive oil, nuts and avocado can also be included in their daily meal.

5. Vitamin E:
Vitamin E is required for your child for healthy metabolism, I.e., break down and the absorption of the nutrients like the fats, the proteins and the carbs into usable energy. Foods rich in Vitamin E are almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and spinach.

6. Iron:
Leafy green vegetables like spinach, and other iron rich foods like beet root, beans and meat like beef should be provided to the child, as it ensures the oxygen flow to reach the other vital organs through the blood. Iron is an extremely important nutrient for children.

7. Potassium:
For ensuring the perfect healthy blood pressure, potassium in combination with sodium should be provided to your child. Potassium rich foods include bananas, broccoli and squash. This also takes care of the functioning of the body muscles and the heart rhythm.

8. B complex Vitamins:
Without the consumption of the B complex vitamins, the kids would be prone to anaemia, a serious condition in which the body lacks sufficient red blood cells to provide oxygen to the various body tissues. Thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, folate and biotin constitute the B complex Vitamins. Rich sources of B Complex vitamins are: fish, poultry, green leafy veggies, milk and milk products and whole grains like wheat.

9. Magnesium:
Magnesium is basically required for the production of energy in ones body and also for the optimal functioning of the heart. The magnesium rich foods include: brown rice, tofu, nuts like almonds, and cereals.

10. Vitamin D:
Rich source of Vit D is the Sunlight. Kids should be exposed to limited amount of sunlight everyday for ensuring strong and healthy bones. Calcium is required for absorbing the Vitamin D through the medium of ones skin. Rich Vit D foods include: fish, eggs, cereal and milk.

The final nutrient essential for the healthy growth and development of your child is Zinc.
11. Zinc:
Zinc is required for enabling digestion and healthy metabolism. Rich sources of zinc include: crab, oysters, and for the vegans, peanuts are high sources of zinc.

These are the 11 most vital nutrients essential for your child’s overall development and active living.