Save that pearly white tooth from decay!! It’s precious

Is the nagging pain in your tooth driving you up the wall? Well, it seems that the outer coating or enamel of the tooth has given way and the root is exposed causing pain.
This stage of decay occurs when the carbohydrate rich foods stick to the teeth and the bacteria in the oral cavity produce acids after acting on these. The acids dissolve enamel and the saliva combines with food debris and the bacteria leading to plague formation and cavities. Let’s go for some “special somethings” to take care of your shining beamers:

Pointers to keep the tooth decay at bay

Go for fluoride toothpaste preferably and brush your pearly whites at least two times daily. Make it a point to brush the teeth after every meal and wait a minute, don’t you go to bed without brushing your beaming white teeth.


Flossing everyday is of utmost importance. Clean in between the teeth with inter dental cleaners or dental floss from a good company.


Your habit of “snacking at all times” may have to be curbed. The diet that you consume should be balanced and nutritious. The carbohydrate rich foods stick to the teeth and can lead to dental caries so it is very important that high-carb foods like pretzels, candy, chips, should be kept to a minimum as they remain on the surface of the tooth. It is a yummy delight to pop a sticky “stick jaw” into your mouth but do you realize that these foods latch on to the teeth strongly. Make sure you grab a brush with your fluoride toothpaste and brush away immediately afterwards.

There are some fluoride rich toothpastes that help in strengthening the teeth. Ask your dental doctor about the supplemental fluoride toothpastes and use them to make the teeth strong.

dental sealants

There are certain plastic protective coverings that are available with the dentists. These coverings called dental sealants help protect the teeth and are applied to the surfaces of your back teeth. These dental sealants when used on the molars make sure that they are protected from decay.

Fluorinated water

If your kids drink one pint of fluorinated water everyday then their teeth may get the much needed protection from tooth decay. So try to get some fluorinated water for your everyday use.

One can also use a fluoride based mouth rinse to prevent the decay of teeth advises the American dental association. Most important, make sure you never miss your “6 monthly appointment” with the dentist. Keep time off for your visit and get your oral examination and professional cleaning done regularly.

Researchers are constantly looking for more products that can retard bacterial growth in the mouth. So you may be able to heal the early cavity formation and prevent tooth decay. Till then pick up the chewing gum and keep sipping sips of water to keep the teeth clean!!