Get a control on your life with a razor sharp healthy brain!!

A snazzy and snappy brain is always welcome!! This command center of the body needs to stay healthy as it carries the daily responsibilities of sensation, visual and auditory processing, motor control, emotions and the all important memory. So get a razor sharp brain people!!

With advancing years the brain deteriorates but rate of deterioration is accelerated with neglect, timely care slows down the cognitive decline.

Exercise away

Just a few lifestyle changes and we can sharpen our brain. A regular exercise routine strengthens our muscles, heart and also helps in augmenting the brain power.

Aerobic exercise is more beneficial than walking as it helps in increasing the dimensions of brain structures and also improves the cognitive function of the individual.

Healthy foods

Healthy diet always helps a person stay fit. Take a fiber rich diet with low glycemic levels. This can be digested easily and also provides energy at all times to the brain thus lending a hand in the long term cognitive performance. The Mediterranean diet rich in seafood, vegetables, fruits and olive oil gets the go ahead from the doctors because of its rich Omega-3 fatty acid content .Try to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol as they are bad for brain function.

Challenge your brain cells daily

It maybe a puzzle, reading a book, playing a game, writing a diary, or grasping a new language, all these activities mean stimulation of the brain cells. Taking out 15 minutes from your daily routine and involving your brain in mind bogglers like a sudoko or crossword puzzle may be great for the brain function. These activities may provide mental challenges by the way of unfamiliar stimuli and indirectly lead to the neuron growth.

Get adequate sleep

A tired and fagged out brain cannot function to the best of its ability. Sleep and rest grabbed in snatches due to an erratic lifestyle will lead to brain deterioration and memory loss. Make sure you get adequate rest and sleep for almost 7-8 hours every night. Lack of proper sleep can age a person’s brain prematurely by almost 7 years.

Ancient scriptures have always highlighted meditation is rejuvenation for the brain. This is the moment when the brain recuperates and strengthens the telomeres. The brain cell connections are sharpened and the ageing process slowed down by the relaxing procedure of meditation. The brain’s key center, hippocampus gets strong and memory formations reinforced.