Preventive tips to avoid the risk of Cancer!

Worried about how to prevent Cancer? Following a simple lifestyle and adopting a healthy regime can help you prevent this deadly disease. MedGuru lists out few easy tips which will help you fight against it and also reduce the chances of developing it in future.

Some of the useful cancer prevention tips suggested by the health experts are as follows:

Eat Healthy:
In order to stay fit, eating healthy and eating right is very important. Eating green vegetables and lots of fruits will help reduce the risk of developing cancer, according to research. Your daily diet should consist of a min of 5 portions a day, it should be a balanced meal which should include lots of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins etc which help reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Consume lots of fibre:
Eating fibre rich foods like beans, cereal, whole grains and pulses will help reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer. These foods should be included in every day meal to help preventing cancer. Also foods like fish, eggs milk and other dairy products should be included in your daily meal.

Quit Smoking:
Most of the lung cancer cases are caused due to smoking. Smoking can also cause pancreatic cancer and cancer prevalent in kidneys and bladder. The most common cancer among women due to smoking is cervical cancer. Thus quitting smoking is one of most important tip in order to prevent cancer.

Reduce alcohol:
Alcohol consumption if done in excess can be cause for several types of cancer like oral cancer, laryngeal(voice box) cancer, bowel, liver and kidney cancer. It can also cause breast cancer among women. Reducing the consumption to not more than one for women and a maximum of two among men should help curtain the risk of developing cancer.

Drink Caffeine:
According to a study, drinking 5 cups of coffee everyday will help reduce the risk of developing oral and throat cancer. Decaf would not help that much and neither would drinking tea. However, according to a recent study, drinking caffeinated coffee, almost 5 or more cups a day reduces the risk of brain cancer by almost 40% from those who did not.

Reduce excess weight:
Weight watching is very important to reduce the risk of various types of cancers. Optimum weight would help prevent cancers such as breast cancer, prostrate, lung, colon and kidney cancer.

Enough exercise:
Physical exercise is very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Cholesterol control and also monitoring your food habits will help reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. One can take up several different forms of exercises like brisk walking, cycling, swimming, gymming or alternatives like yoga and aerobics. This will not only help in rejuvenating oneself, but also is helpful in maintaining an ideal body weight.

Consult doc for regular screening:
Consult your family doctor or a doctor with experience to help you with screening of cancer. Self examination techniques are also very useful in order to diagnose the cancer early on thus avoiding the complexity of the treatments in future.

Regular folic acid check is also beneficial in order to reduce the risk of birth defects during pregnancy and also colon, lung and prostrate cancer. Thus keep a check on the dosage of your daily multivitamin tablets.

Consume lots of water:
Drinking lots of water or other fluids like fresh fruit juices etc. can help reduce the risk of bladder cancer as it will help in diluting the cancer concentration. The cancer causing agents in the urine will get flushed out thus reducing the risk of developing cancer. Minimum of 8 glasses of water is recommended by the American Cancer society.

Always drink filtered water stored in steel or glass containers to avoid chemical contaminants such as BPA from plastic bottles. It is safer to drink filtered tap water than bottled water.

Avoid exposure to sun:
The main cause of skin cancer is the prolonged exposure to sun, the ultraviolet rays. In order to prevent the most common kind of cancer, skin cancer, one must follow the preventive measures like avoiding midday sun, applying sun screen with SPF 15 or more when going outdoors.

Stay protected from STD’s:
The most common form of cancer caused by sexually transmitted diseases are liver cancer and cervical cancer. Human papillomavirus(HPV) causes cervical cancer while Hepatitis B and C cause liver cancer. These are result of cancer spread through contaminated blood , needles and getting involved in unprotected sex.

The risk of several types of cancer increases by the
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), caused by sharing of needles and unprotected sex.

Mentioned above are few of the simple tips one can follow in order to prevent the risk of contracting various types of Cancer. Certainly, Prevention is better than cure!