Quarter of breast implants, caught splitting and leaking!!

Ans you thought that you had your breast shape back? As if it was easy adjusting with a breast implant? French doctors have taken away breast implants from almost 16000 women and discovered almost a quarter of them showed signs of splitting.

Breast implant removal

A quarter of the “scandal tainted” breast implants showed indications of leakage or splitting reported a Paris watchdog. Nearly 16426 of women had opted out voluntarily for the removal of the breast prosthesis when they heard about this. On removal the doctors from France shockingly discovered that the implants were capable of tearing apart.

According to the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM), PIP, the French manufacturer had made use of industrial silicone to create these breast implants. The investigators found out that these implants showed more chances of leakage and rupturing as compared to some other rival brands of breast implants.

Approximately 300,000 women from nearly 65 countries have got the implants put and out of them about 30,000 women are from France, according to the figures received from ANSM.

Out of the 28,276 implants that had been removed from the bodies of the women, nearly 25.4 percent or about 7,186 were found to be flawed and substandard. “Of these, 4,406 showed signs of splitting in the implants` outer skin, and in 1,976 others, illegal gel was “sweating” through it,” confirmed the agency.

In 2011, the buzz about faulty implants had scared the daylights out of the women all over the world. Replying to this fear the health officials had stated that the breast implants did not augment the chances of breast cancer and were not toxic in nature.

Need for breast implantation

Sometimes you need to reconstruct, augment, or reshape the form of a breast with the breast prosthesis or a breast implant. This may be done post mastectomy, or to correct congenital defects, chest wall deformities, to create a breast, or augment the size of breasts.

ANSM confirmed that out of the women who have received breast implants from PIP nearly 70 cases of breast cancer had been recorded. ANSM talking about these implant devices states
that “the detected tumors are not associated” with these prosthesis.

As a strong reaction to this breast implant fiasco the founder of PIP, 73 year old, Jean-Claude Mas, has been served charges for fraud and manslaughter. The company that was situated near Marseille in the South of France has been closed down and wound up. The PIP breast implants have been banned.