Mumbai turns around Indian history!First domino kidney transplant!!

We have some good news for the people suffering from kidney disorders in India. The first domino kidney plant has been performed in India by the Mumbai doctors.

The domino kidney transplant ,Mumbai

The State authorization passed the orders for the domino kidney transplant, and three hospitals carried out simultaneous surgeries and changed the lives of five recipients. This happened for the first time in India and was managed after an agonizing upward struggle, as the Government had previously refused to give permission for this.

The transplant procedures were carried out the same day at Hiranandani hospital, Bombay hospital, and Hinduja hospital. The whole domino kidney transplant involved five recipients and five donors.

“The success of this procedure will now set a precedent and encourage people to opt for it as it reduces a patient’s wait for the organ. We are very thankful to the government of Maharashtra; it helped speed up the procedure,” stated Dr Shrirang Bicchu, nephrologist from Bombay hospital.

Details of the donor recipient pairs

Out of the five donor-recipient pairs, four were from Maharashtra. The domino kidney transplant needed the go ahead signal from the State authorization committee. This permission was granted last week and the procedure was rolled underway. One of the recipients of the domino kidney plant transplant case belongs to Rajasthan, so the Rajasthan Government was not left far behind as they put up their objections for the medical surgery.

The Rajasthan Government had initially denied permission according to the media, on the 19th of May. Then the State authorization committee of Rajasthan was approached. This is a body that has been created specially to prevent the unlawful organ trade. Permission was denied after quoting the Supreme Court guidelines that did not recognize domino procedure but finally the procedure went on track.

Misconceptions of the surgery

Dr Rajesh Kumar, nephrologist, Hiranandani hospital, one of the doctors on the domino transplant team, clears up the misconceptions regarding the kidney surgery, “It is a routine procedure in the United States; its success has been reported in several journals. The interesting thing about domino kidney transplant is that despite blood group not matching, with the help of this five-way swap, those in need are able to get the organ; otherwise, they have to wait for a long time. All credit goes to the Apex Swap Transplant Registry that addresses the issue of mismatch in blood groups or tissues in donor-recipient pairs,” he states.

In a domino transplant the five donors donate an organ to a recipient who is of no relation to them, on the other hand the donor’s relative who needs an organ in turn gets it from the relative of the recipient.In organ donation cases there may be some legal issues involved because the recipient and donor are not related.