Facing dating trouble? Recognize beacons of danger dates

Haven’t you heard this often? “Keep an open mind” towards whom you meet because everyone has flaws says the old grapevine but some ignorable habits end up as beacons of trouble in the future. These are things that speak volumes about a person.

Behavior at a date

He may stare deep into your eyes and whisper all the sweet nothings that you love to hear from his mouth but he may a trifle too nasty with the staff of the restaurant where he has taken you out for dinner. Has he tipped a “not so mentionable” less amount to the waiter? Be careful as one day he might be the one who sniggers at the dinner offering you prepared lovingly for him.

Future thought
Is your partner a person who lives for the moment? He needs to grow up as you might just get fixed up for the present and a shortsighted stare at the upcoming needs, may not be the right answer.

The techno gadget man

You may be the internet savvy medusa but it’s somehow the man’s job to take over the complicated wiring. It’s the male partner’s job to take care of the electricity lamps, the music, internet, or cable related works according to protocol. Don’t put your cards on him if he is incapable of hooking up the DVD in your room.

Watch mommy, sonny boy relationship

Just check out a guy’s family bonding, his relationship with his parents, his mother. See if he appreciates the relationship you share with your relatives. A jewellery piece that you may be treasuring because of sentimental reasons needs to be respected by your partner. Does he sulk whenever you are near your relatives? Let him realize that you are keen to hang around your loved ones.

Teeth hygiene

Teeth are an indicator of a person’s hygiene levels. See if your date has clean white well-brushed teeth . If your date is casual; about his teeth then he will surely be casual about his health standards and that is not a very good thought in old age. One needs to take care of the body and health under every circumstance.

Respect of your partner’s profession

It is a very wrong thing to call a professional physiotherapist a masseuse. Make sure that your partner knows about your job and respects your profession and time. Your partner needs to know the details of your job. It’s not a job title that you hang around your neck it’s your whole future.

Does your date have a foul sweaty smell?

A study mentioned in a publication called Eukaryon and confirmed that “a person chooses a mate with advantageous genes through odor.” Its amust that you get turned on by the odor of your partner.

A sweaty and stenchy smell from your partner’s body can turn you off. Just lean closer and check out the smell in his neck region does it tickle your senses? Then remember he is the one for you.