Taper down the mobile usage, or compromise health

Noticed the younger generation busy tapping on their phone keypads? It may be texting or playing the techno advanced game apps on the phones, but they sure keep the fingers busy clicking!! A recent study confirms that frittering away time with the mobile phones can actually be harmful for health.

Don’t overuse the mobile, limit timings

Researchers’ advice you, not to fiddle too much, or stay too glued on to your mobile phone as it can end up compromising your health. A new research reveals that health may be harmed if you spend too much time on your mobile.

The research study

The study was conducted by researchers at the Kent State University on students and the researchers discovered that those of the students who sat glued to their phones for almost 14 hours or in general long hours daily, showed lower fitness levels than the learners who spent only about one and a half hour daily according to media reports.

These students who are hooked on to their mobile phones for long hours show more tendency to indulge in sedentary activities. They are likely to involve themselves in entertainment activities that involve sitting and staying inactive like watching films or playing video games.

The authors say that excess cell phone usage may indirectly encourage sedentary activity and disrupt physical activity. The high frequency mobile phones users may actually help in establish the fact that a noteworthy negative relationship is there between cardio respiratory fitness and cell phone use state the study researchers.

The online mobile phone study has been published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Past mobile studies

In the past we have already heard enough news about excess mobile usage. Over use of mobile has indicated possibility of cell shape changes and brain tumor, in some cases. Reports in the past state that due to the working of mobile phones there is emission of the radio frequency electromagnetic waves. These may be “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

People who carry phones in their lower pockets have shown a tendency of a lower sperm count. The excessive tapping due to texting may result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome say the experts. It may be a road accident that occurs due to mobile phones, nomophobia or text neck pain, all of them can be zeroed down to the mobile phone usage.