7 Surprising Health Benefits of Mint

Mint leaves and its various benefits

A mint leaves or pudina known for its medicinal properties. It is one of the oldest culinary herbs known to humans. It has remarkable medicinal properties and rich source of polyphenols. It has carminative and antispasmodic properties. Mint has very powerful antioxidant properties.

Mint is excellent to manage blood sugar levels and treat skin conditions. It has an enormous amount of Vitamin A, C, and B-complex that enhances skin and boost immunity.Peppermint and spearmint are likely the most commonly used mint varieties, but many others exist, such as wild mint and water mint.

Some health benefits of mint leaves are:

1. Helps in digestion

Mint is rich in antioxidants, menthol and phytonutrients that help the enzymes to digest food. The essential oils present in mint possess strong antibacterial and antiseptic effects that calm stomach cramps and overcome acidity and flatulence.

2. Treats asthma

Regularly taking pudina can reduce chest congestion. The methanol in mint acts as a decongestant, it helps loosen mucus collected in the lung and also shrinks swollen membranes in the nose to allow breathing easily.

3. Relief stress and depression

The main advantages of mint is that it is the most widely used herb in aromatherapy. Pudina or mint has a strong, refreshing smell that can reduce stress and refresh the body and mind. Inhaling pudina essential oil can instantly release serotonin in the blood which is a neurotransmitter that is well known for easing symptoms of stress and depression.

4. Oral care

Chewing pudina leaves is a great way to improve oral hygiene and dental health. The essential oils in pudina can help you get fresh breath. Mouthwash containing peppermint oil can help you kill bacteria in the mouth and provide you with healthy gums and teeth.

5. Treats common cold

If you are fighting with cold and finding it difficult to breathe, pudina is the best remedy for it. Most of the vapor rubs and inhalers contain mint. Mint naturally clears nose throat, bronchi, and lung congestion.

6. Makes your skin healthy

Pudina has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that help treat acne and pimple on the skin. Pudina leaves contain a high amount of salicylic acid which acts as anti-acne. It also acts as an effective skin cleanser. Pudina makes your skin healthy is that it retains the moisture in the skin, clear off dead skin cells, and dirt from the skin pores, and makes the skin look radiant and toned.

7. Cures headaches

Pudina contains menthol that can help relax muscles and ease the pain. Applying mint juice on forehead and temples can give relief from headache. Also, balms of pudina base or mint oil are effective in curing headaches.