Things you do that makes your oily skin oilier

If you didn’t know this by now, sebum helps your skin stay moist and hydrated. But too much of it can cause extremely oily skin. It can lead to clogged pores, extemely oily skin and acne and it can only be controlled by taking some measures. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and you need to protect and care for your skin in the right way. If you mess it up, it can all damage your skin. Here’s how your oily skin is getting oilier when you make these common mistakes.

Drinking less water

when you don’t hydrate your body enough, the body starts hydrating itself by reaching out to the sebaceous glands. It then starts producing more sebum than usual. The excess production of sebum ends up making the skin oilier than the usual level.

Using the wrong essential oils

There are various types of essential oils in the market for skincare. But with oily skin, you have to be more careful to use these oils as they can make the oily skin more oily. Coconut oil is a big no for anyone who has oily skin. Also, donot ever use coconut oil if you are someone with oily skin.

Not moisturing or using the wrong moisture

Don’t be under the impression that you don’t need to use a moisturiser if you have oily skin. Even skin type needs a moisturiser. The type of moisturiser would vary from one skin type to the other. So may sure you are picking the right one for oily skin. The wrong type of moisturiser can also make your skin oilier.

Using Comodegenic cosmetics

Makeup has surely become a huge part of everyone’s daily life, just like skincare. It’s better to choose makeup products very carefully, especially for oily skin. Comedogenic products are the ones that can block the pores. Blocking of pores can result in making the skin greasy and secrete more oil. Hence, it’s better to use products that are non-comedogenic which won’t clog your pores and can also help in reducing the chances of a breakout.

Poor diet and changes in hormones

when you consume foods that are rich in oily texture or processed foods, it can lead to an increase in oil production in your skin. It’s very important to maintain a balanced diet and keep your hormenes on track as any variations in hormones can lead to the secretion of excess sebum.