“Facebook is the Deadliest Drug” – An Ex-Addict

We meet new people everyday… in offices, schools, colleges… but the very first question that pops up from both the sides is… “Are you on facebook?” Being active on facebook has become a status symbol. It’s all about increasing the number of friends in your friend list… no matter you know them or not. People upload fake display pictures, put in fake information about themselves, just to be among the coolest group. And the irony lies in the fact that no one knows who that “apparently cool person” actually is.

This is the modern era, the digital age, or we can call it the “Facebook Age”. Here people are more concerned about other people’s life than their own. Spending hours together on facebook talking to friends, liking and commenting upon their pictures and statuses makes the youngsters feel that they have many friends and are socially active… is it really true? The answer is a no, infact these people are lonely from inside.

At times feelings of jealously and hatred tend to develop among the facebook users. For some time you will love this fantasy world of facebook, but soon you will start getting detached from the real world. You will start drifting away from your family, your real friends, your loved ones. Is it really worth it?

Richika Sharma, an engineering student from Chandigarh, when interviewed by the editor of themedguru shares her experience of how she got caught in the vicious gallows of this social networking world. “Two years ago, I used to be among the toppers of my school, used to be the captain of my school’s football team. Through a friend I got introduced to facebook. At first I didn’t like it very much, but slowly with time, my life started revolving just around this social networking site. Whole day long I used to be online chatting, putting up statuses, pictures etc. at that time everything seemed beautiful and parents seemed to be my enemies, nagging whole day long. But soon this facebook addiction started showing its results.

Due to excessive use of brain and eyes over my phone and laptop, I started developing dark cirles. I used to feel lazy and tired. I started ignoring my studies and the result was, I failed. Everyone was shocked, how a brilliant student like me could fail. I went under depression, and since then I haven’t been able to regain my confidence back. For me facebook is the deadliest drug. And I was a victim to it”, says Richika.

Facebook addiction has affected many young minds. Using facebook or other social networking sites is not an issue, but excess of everything is bad. Enjoy facebook, but don’t become its slave.