Grab that orange, it’s a solution to many of your health issues.

Luscious beautiful oranges are not just good in taste but also good for your health. Including them in your diet can help us get rid of many health related issues. With an introduction of the superfruits, don’t you think you are missing out on our original orange? This exotic fruit is a key to many of your mental and physical health issues.

Rich in vitamin C

Oranges come under the category of citrus fruits. They are highly rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vital source for maintaining, and repairing your skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments etc.

Stroke prevention

Oranges are rich in B-9. This vitamin helps your body in reducing your stroke tendencies by maintaining the concentrations of amino acids homocysteine at normal levels. The potassium content in oranges also keeps strokes away from your health.


Oranges also have vitamin B-1 in them. This vitamin boosts up your body hence keeps stress away.

Lowers blood pressure

Oranges are a rich source of the polyphenol hesperidin. This helps in improving the flow of blood by contributing to the healthy dilation of your body’s blood vessels thus, helps lower blood pressure.

Weight loss

Oranges contain very less amount of calories nearly 85 calories is contained in one cup of oranges. So this food comes in the category of low calorie foods. They are rich in dietary fiber. Fibers help in weight loss by promoting regular bowel movements and keep you fuller for a longer time.

Healthy skin

Free radicals are responsible for your body’s aging process. Oranges consist of high levels of anti-oxidants. They help in reducing the damage caused to your skin by high levels of free radicals. So, if you want a wrinkle free and glowing skin, include oranges in your diet.

Cancer prevention

As stated above, oranges are rich in antioxidants that help in eliminating the cancer causing free radicals from your body. The folate compound in oranges also helps in reducing the risk of cancer.

Aging of your body

It helps in minimizing the impact of aging on your skin. There are multiple age related problems that can be prevented by oranges. Cataracts, hearing disorders, aging of skin etc. all this can be cured by the help of oranges.

Bone health

The fact that oranges are rich in vitamin C and potassium is very beneficial, as it helps in building strong bones. And the risk of osteoporosis is reduced.

Mental health

Not only are oranges beneficial in a physical aspect but also mentally. Oranges help fight depression and are good for mental health.

So what are you waiting for grab a basket and set on your hunt for oranges.