How To Live A Stress Free Life

Tips that will lead you to a tensionless life

As we grow old, responsibilities keep adding on and we forget our carefree nature behind and live in the constant tension and fear of things. Adulthood comes with struggles but one can turn this stressful life into an easy, fun one too.

Around 40% of the world’s population dies of heart attack between the age of 35 to 45.  The reason for heart attack is a stressful environment and life. Pretty sure none of us wants to die from being tense, so here are a few  ways you can lead a stress-free life


Yes, the simplest act, something we do every moment. But this time take a deep long breath 3 to 4 times and you will feel utterly relaxed and will be able to enjoy the present moment of your life instead of rushing on to the next one.


Positive Affirmations

The universe picks up the signals and vibrations you send and your thoughts are those. Your thoughts make up the vibrations around you. Negative thoughts will signal negativity to the universe and you’ll receive negative energy. Give out love and peace and positivity and that is what you will get.

Drink Water

If your body is dehydrated, it will have a low energy level and create weakness. A not strong body attracts only tiredness and hence a lot of tension. Drink 3 to 4 liters of water every day and stay fresh and active.

Take Breaks

Life is not just meeting deadlines, it’s also enjoying your accomplishments and sitting alone with yourself, and crying your heart out. We are just humans, not robots, taking a break will not only give you peace but also motivate you to get back to your work in a better mood.

Go Out

We live only once and not to just make money but also to spend some of it on us. So, go out, meet your friends, take out time for your family or maybe introduce yourself to strangers, make memories. You will not get this life again! Make sure to live this one to the fullest, complete your responsibility but also make a mess of yourself.