6 Benefits of Green Tea

Top 6 (+1 bonus) advantages of drinking green tea everyday!!

Where almost every person on this planet is addicted to coffee, green tea is a very health-beneficial alternative with just 28gm of caffeine in an 8oz cup, which is half of what you will find in a cup of black tea. Of the different kinds of tea available, green tea is the least oxidized when processed, and that is why it is considered the most beneficial one.

Here are Top 6 benefits of having a green day every day

Burns Fat

Green tea boosts your metabolism, which gets your blood flowing better, your heart pumping at a better place, and your energy level reaching heights. That means you’ll burn fat and hence lose weight.

Fight Heart Diseases

Drinking green tea will control the level of cholesterol and hence prevent you from heart attacks and strokes.

Prevents Type 2 diabetes

People do not have a proper diet and exercise rarely. Green tea reduces insulin sensitivity and voila, your blood sugar level is within its limits.

Oral Health

It is a proven fact that green tea fights off oral germs giving you stronger teeth and gums.

Fights Inflammation

Green tea has anti-inflammatory effects and protects cell DNA. It also contains antiviral, antibacterial properties that work against inflammation.

Improves Brain Function

Like any other caffeine ingestion, green tea will help you relax, put you in a good, refreshing mood.

The fact that green tea has so many benefits, we couldn’t stop ourselves from adding one more!

Fight Against Bone Loss

Green tea mineralization which generates bone formation along improves bone loss and strengthens them.