Top Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

Most Effective Exercises That Will Help You Lose Belly Fat

As people get older, there is an accumulation of body fat along the waistline. Belly fat can make you feel self-conscious or can cause difficulty fitting into your favorite pair of pants.

Some risks come with excess belly fat like high blood pressure, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Because of these risks, it’s a good idea to try to control your belly fat.

Losing the extra fat will help you prevent yourself from catching any diseases. Here are a few exercises that can help you do so:

Cardio Exercise

The most basic step to burn off belly fat is to include at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in your daily routine. It will help you reduce belly fat and liver fat.

Some easy cardio exercises include:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling

 High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is a broad term for workouts that involve short periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods. One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that you can get maximal health benefits in a minimal time. It increases your metabolic rate for hours after exercise, helps gain muscle, and improves oxygen consumption. Basically, perform one exercise for 30 seconds then take a rest for 30 seconds.

Some HIIT exercises include:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Burpees
  • Push-ups
  • Jump squats
  • High knees

Weight and Resistance Training

Since muscles burn off more calories than fat does when the body is at rest, having more muscle tone can help you to burn off more fat. Some weight training exercises for belly fat to include in your routine are:

  • Bicep curls
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Tricep kick-back

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises can help to tone and flatten the stomach while providing you with a good source of exercise. Some abdominal exercises for belly fat that you can try at home include:

  • 60-second planks
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Abdominal crunches
  • Leg lifts